Sunday, November 26, 2006

Expect something different?

Of course not. I don't know why I take things so personally. but let me tell you this. I HATE (I know...hate is a strong word, but still) I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE the blondes.

Almost as much as I am starting to hate the Amazing Race. I mean seriously? How obvious is it now that if you create any kind of drama--be it good or bad--that you will miraculously come in last on one of the "non-eliminiation" legs? Right...but we live in the dumbing down of America age. And I'm lucky enough to live in the land of folks who fall for this stuff. Season after season. Election after election.

Yeah, let me tell you how I really feel about it. lots of great information on a dream I've been wanting to pursue for some time now. I need to start setting some static goals for it to become reality, but I'm getting pretty encouraged.

And guess what? Life is great! It is SNOWING outside. I called my mama to let her know the great news and she was happy that she got out of town just in time. My nephew was a bit dissapointed to miss the snow.

Speaking of them--it was such a fun Thanksgiving! Family was in town, and I cooked. Now, I almost never cook. Well, when I do, I usually go all out so that's more why I don't cook--because I don't want to go through all the work. But it was fun. Created some new dishes, took my time and finished on time. It was fun. And here on Sunday night, I split the wishbone with Robert. It was almost exact even. But he got the knob so he won. He won't tell me what he wished for though. Crazy boy. Crazier that he had to go in to work today. Yeah...really.

So maybe tomorrow I have to go to work, maybe not. Venting about the Amazing Race is over. So mad that Nate got voted off of Survivor but I have no illusions of ever going on that show so it doesn't hit home so much.

Evil blondes. Some folks know what I really think of them. Back to digi photography. One week at work just reading files. I actually kinda look forward to going in.

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