Sunday, November 05, 2006

what a week...

...and it's still only Sunday. And I sit at the gate with a 2 hour layover. sigh. But in PDX. SCORE! Why? Well, because they have free internet access! I think I could live here.

Guess what? I got on an Alaska Airlines flight and I wasn't delayed! How you like them apples? The man swears by them. The man was also watching a banned show today but we won't go there. the past week or so, I've been to my high school reunion, my high school football team is undefeated (I'm from Texas...West there's some context for you), I went to the CKC-Seattle and I hosted the 2 peas pub dinner. More on the last on the other blog. But as I sit here with plenty of time, I figure I should get some good stuff said here.

The good:
  • Just a couple more weeks until I get to see my totally adorable nephew again. For the third time this year. Hadn't seen him in almost 5 years before this. Lovin' it.
  • Last work travel trip of the year! Then I get to spend more time at home. More time with the man. More time making dreams come true.
  • Lots of calls for publication. This year has been so wow in my alternate life.
  • Guarantees that actually pay. That's why I love that hotel--but only the updates ones...
  • Students that actually work. I have such an amazing group of student workers this year.
  • The Target Toy insert. And seeing grown people get excited by it (smile).
  • A real Christmas tree this year!
  • Thanksgiving at home.
  • A thick, thick, THICK envelope of design inspiration to sift through.
  • Beyonce's Dangerously in Love. But I also love Irreplaceable and Ring the Alarm too. Which reminds me that I love folks that can consistently be good. Like (shhhhhhh....) Justin T. I mean, he always has me moving...even when he was a teeny bopper.
  • Long life batteries.
  • Christmas in downtown Seattle. At night. Better yet, on my campus. Wow...beautiful.
  • Tall boys. Well, one in particular. Very much so now. How he puts up w/me...I don't know

The Bad:

  • CKC-Seattle Vendor Faire. Oh come, madame "I can shop" bought $27 worth of stuff. And that was $15 worth of buttons only because one booth required a $10 min purchase for debit cards. Bought lots of glue though...can never have enough glue.
  • Rainy season is back. Better shut my mouth about that whole "it NEVER rains like this in Seattle". Guess I know who's really in charge there.
  • CRASH! Totally just crashed out last night. Knew it was last night I'd have with the man for a little bit (short trip, but still) and just could NOT get out of bed to go and see him. The silver lining to that cloud? He came to me...that's why I like tall boys. Well...that one in particular.
  • Way photos. Have lots of scene shots I can put on my wall. Have lots of Robert shots to replace in the rest of my frames.
  • Two stacks. Probably three by now. Of lovely files to read when I get back this Friday.
  • Did I mention it is raining cats and dogs here?
  • Cash in pocket. Right next to the shopping complex at PDX. Burning a hole...

The Ugly:

  • The "relationship" between my sister and mother right now. They are just way too similar. And yet miles apart. I wish there was more I could do there. That didn't involve paying either one of them out. That is a habit I CANNOT afford anymore--emotionally in particular.
  • My apartment. Wow. Orchids are begging for care. Carpet would LOVE to feel the tines of a broom or the bristles of the vacuum. Clothes would love to be put back in their place in the closet. Bed would love to be made. Let's not even talk about the scrap room. Or the bathroom... Certainly not "bad" by most folks' standards...but this is the girl who will clean the heck out of something if given the opportunity. Even if that something is not her's.
  • Super organized pea dinner--I mean, I panicked because I couldn't find an open kinkos to make copies or a place to buy name tags. Improvised and it went off without a hitch. This is only ugly because I was having a customary melt down 12 minutes before folks showed up to my "wow, this is so organized" dinner. Two facedness is handy in those situations, but hard to keep up appearances with.
  • I was 2 seconds away from booking a convertible for my Cali trip because "I deserved it". The worst part of that entitlement attitude? I was all about to submit it for NEXT week when I won't even be in town. Did I mention I need sleep and I'm crashing out?
  • My sharpie is at home. All 27 of them. What in the hell am I supposed to write out my postcards with now?!

Getting back in the swing of things and hope to be a bit more handy, organized, responsible, uptodateand what not with the blog. Really. intentions at least...

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