Thursday, October 26, 2006

Who in the...

Who are you?? Oh, you're that girl that used to blog. Pretty regularly. Even daily if not multiple times a day. Then you go and get that highfalutin job. And you forget about us little folks. You stalker. Friend? are not to be trusted with information that should be shared.

taken to task, I have ashamedly come back with my tail tucked between my legs. Did I mention that I wish I had a tail? Oh...I think I only told him that. Yeah that him. The one that wonders if we're still an item. Especially since rumors are flying that I'm an item with someone so not my type. Funny guy, nice guy (so sharing) but not my type guy. That is what happens when you not only travel to Vegas, BUT you also travel extensively in a profession with a mantra that "What happens on the road stays on the road" Don't worry hon, I nipped that in the bud. I don't share a bus seat anymore. And it's only the loud one talking mess and she also said I was "into her" so her credibility is a bit shakey. That and a lot of folks find her rather annoying. I find her rather amusing. I digress though.

where are you? Well...that would be my lovely homestate. Texas. And last week, I was in Chicago. Ish. And the week before that...I think I did most of the mentioning for the NM trip. So in my usual lazy blogging ways, I have to do a list because one day (one day...soon...really) I will be really bored with my boring life and I won't have anything else to write about and so I'll have to come in and fill in these lists. Yeah. I will.

So a road list of the past 2 and some odd weeks and what I loved:

* Checking off 3 more states from my list
* Continuing to add to his post card collection
* Indiana state routes--in full fall color
* seeing the teeny tiny Alamo. For the first time. Really
* "Please remove your hat" tatted all across the doors to the A&M Union.
* "Endorsed by such and such and the NRA"
* the SA river walk
* Getting three calls for publication
* Finalizing dinner plans
* the tummy butterflies for real life Friday Night Lights--go PHS!! 10 years baby!!

You are now welcome to go back to your regularly scheduled program. I'll be back Monday.

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