Monday, September 24, 2007

If you Love it so much, why don't you just marry it??

Finally FINALLY got to see the boyfriend again. And yes KA, there were several arrests that went down this weekend...I mean I live in the hood and all (smile).

So let us catch up. I'm so so SOOO sad that Gretch and Ali were not SOYs. I mean, out of 10 folks, to "know" two of them and genuinely be able to say that either of them would have been amazing choices...I loved them both. Here's to so much greater things to come from both of them! If you have no idea what I'm talking about, just remember, my scrap blog is on the fritz.

No scrap wise, R got his 40D and sold off the 20D. It was so bittersweet cause that camera went lots of great places with us. Heck, it went to Everest with us! But with a new camera comes new play time so after I got home from work on Saturday (more on that shortly), we went to the zoo. The Seattle zoo sucks. 3:30 pm on a Saturday it does. Everything is hiding out ready to be done with the crowds already. Of course, Robert's judgement was based on the San Diego Zoo (which I may visit this year when I hit SD) so it was kinda unfair. BUT the day and night exhibit was cool. I've never seen sloths before...those things are much bigger than I thought. And very VERY slow and deliberate (smile).

Backtracking, on Friday night, we went out for sushi. This time, I didn't eat myself into a sushi coma...because I wanted green tea ice cream. Which prompted my better half to proclaim his undying love for rainbow sherbert. I told him if he loved it so much, he should just marry it. he settled for a waffle cone full of it instead.

Sunday, we (well, me) sat around all day. I went shopping for groceries (maybe a bit overkill) and then sat back to watch the Vaqueros trounce on the Osos. Because of the specialness of this month, it took me until the 4th quarter to realize that the score board graphic before each commercial was bilingual. Yeah...observant and all. I LOVE the cowboys right now. Not cause they are winning, but because they are PLAYING LIKE COWBOYS. Essentially...they are cocky, they are sure, and yeah, I missed the first quarter of the game when Romo was actin' a fool (shopping for groceries and all).

I saw that the Cowboys were supposed to lose. I saw that Washington got trounced by Philly (I hate Philly to by the by). So I was reserved to let us drop this game if necessary when I watched most of the first half only to see that it was 3 to 3. When the Boys scored first in the 2nd half, I figured we had it on lock. Then we let them march right back on us. Oy. So when we finally got it together and TO and Romo were grinning actin' like happy little kids on the sideline, I was all over that feel good "yeah...we're actually GOOD" vibe they were lettin' off.

You know it is sad when you wish your team WOULDN'T score or wouldn't have a good record just so that they might get a bit of fight back into their bellies. Don't quit on me now Boys!


You Know You're in a College Town When (Bloomington, IN)

So...after a drive that proved much longer than it should have, I ended up in Bloomington. From the Indy airport to my hotel took 49 minutes. Doing way faster than I should have been because this stupid group of what I thought were other recruiters kept pacing me...doing like 85. In a 60. Anyhow.

I showed up way later than expected here and so didn't go out to dinner with the crew because well, I had a ton of things to do in prep for the email onslaught I was missing. So I hit up McCrappy for the consistent crappiness that is McDonalds (contrary to popular belief, if forced to, I could live off that stuff). Pulled out the LSAT book and scored my old score on a timed practice test. Reviewed what I got wrong and made this oath to myself:

If by the end of October, I am scoring 165 consistently, I'll register for the December LSAT. If I score what I think I'm capable of scoring given practice tests, common sense and a commitment to actually STUDY this time around for the LSAT (well...prepare...since you don't "study" for the LSAT), then I will apply. And that won't happen until half of forever. But, since I need to get back to doing my job at work (chiefly, administering the LSAT), I need to get it taken in December and move on already. So that was my Wednesday night.

Thursday morning, I finally (FINALLY) came to realize that uhhmmm...yeah...Bloomington is EST...not CST. Which means I had a brief moment of panic when I thought that might throw a wrench into my plan to get to the Indy airport in an hour for my flight. Phew...they're both in the same time zone...imagine that.

Anyhow, at IU, met a lot of great kids, saw a Jena 6 protest. Loved that campus. Straight down to the dogs, the trickling stream by the union and getting lost (of course) trying to get off campus and back onto the main road.

Thanks to the great pacing of a limo driver, I made it to Indy in 45 minutes--stopped for gas just outside of the airport (note to self, there IS a gas station on the corner of the rental drop off facility at the airport) and remember how in Chi-town they were telling me I'd be charged extra for taking the car later? I got charged LESS than I contracted with them for having the car for less time. I was heated. And emotional. Cause I missed Renegade in Chicago and hanging with Traci more and meeting more people because of the STUPID (as in ignorant, lazy, "not my problem") customer dis-service rep at Alamo. Nice guys. Really nice.

Anyhow, got into the airport, flight was (of course) delayed and managed to find myself in Chicago at the same Chili's that I talked to my mom from when I went to CHA in Chicago back in Feb. This time, we laughed it up about our people (It must have been my brother in law that turned it back on) and your people (Don't taze me bro!) and in it all, my adorable nephew now has a puppy.

All in all, Bloomington treated me well. Rush hour is when everyone is trying to get onto or off of campus. The hotel signs were tagged with some pretty...ahem...crazy stuff for my poor virginal eyes, and the best places to eat in town as recommended by the staff all had all you can drink specials going on. Or so I was told.

And no, I don't know what kind of dog my nephew has. Evidently, not knowing that is like not knowing the sex of your best friend's new baby. According to the doglover in my house anyhow.

Seriously? 4 hours?! (Urbana/Champaign, IL)

When I print out my trip directions, I highlight how long it will take me to go from point a to point b. Somehow, through all that highlighting and the very obvious message on my notes on how to get to Reminisce in Iowa City that I had to leave by 7 because I had a 4 hour (!!) drive to Urbana, Illinois, I managed to not quite GRASP what 4 hours meant. Let me tell you what 4 hours means.

4 hours means that I'm willing to risk getting tickets for speeding and parking in wrong places. Luckily, late at night, while there are folks out to pull you over, you can usually get away with about 10 over. Or so.

When I finally got to Urbana, of COURSE my key didn't work (I'm starting to think Gold Hilton Honors really means, you don't get into your room on the first try). But at least they had a computer I could get on and check email. All 212 of them. That was from being off my computer for all of like 28 hours. Really now. Only downfall, managed to short out my scrap blogger blog so...that made me feel really good. Not.

On campus, there is this GORGEOUS statue just outside of the union. I finally got a picture of part of it. Didn't get a ticket for parking in the two hour lot. Knew exactly where the mail drop was in the union because I'd been there before. Even knew where to buy a post card. There was a mini protest on campus...of what, I don't know. I got the heck out of dodge as soon as the fair was over.

In getting out of dodge, I came to realize that yet again, Hampton Inns don't care if you have a package waiting. Never mind the fact that they had TONS of them (literally) waiting behind the counter for rightful owners. Go figure. Urbana to Bloomington (Indiana, not Illinois...or Mississippi for that matter) is a "quick" 2.5 hour drive that I've done before so I wasn't too worried about this one. Figured I'd have dinner with the group when I got there.

Now. I, of course, had to stop for a nap about 45 minutes into the drive. Instead of a nap, I opted for a sugar rush--Peanut Buster Parfait from Dairy Queen. Yummy! Consider this. The last time (the night before) I stopped for a PBP, I about busted a blood vessel in my brain because:

1. I stopped at the biggest truckstop in Illinois which always freaks me out.
2. I pulled in all ready to go and COULD NOT for the life of me find my wallet. With both credit cards. And my debit card. And all my cash. And how the HELL was I going to check into my hotel. And even moreso, how the HELL could I be so irresponsible.

Clearly, I found it (and got the PBP to boot) but life stopped short for a moment there. Helped me to remember to travel know...split up the funds so that regardless, either in my laptop case, my purse or in my ample bossom...I will ALWAYS have a way to get back home. Guess I could have used that bossom at Dairy Queen to get me a PBP that would have calmed my nerves, but alas...I wasn't thinkin' straight.

I digress (not digest Family Guy...not digest).

So...the day after that PBP drama, I find myself in a bit more drama. See...I'm driving through one stop light (flashing, of course) small town America down beautifully tree lined streets laced with stop signs strung with signs telling me where to buy worms when I spot it. No...not the gorgeous HUGE Victorian style home that I'm sure would sell for like 95K in those there parts. no. Instead, it was the DQ. Just regular style...but clearly with a PBP just calling my name.

So I turn off the street that is taking me back to the interstate and clearly, I need to make a right turn to get into the DQ. Never mind that this isn't EXACTLY where I make that right turn and I end up hopping over a curb. Also never mind that that curb was there to prevent me from turning into the WRONG WAY, one way opposite direction drive thru of the bank. Never mind that the teller was looking at me like I had lost my mind which is kinda similar to that "What is a black person doing out here" look, but because of the wrong way driving, I took it to be the former. Never mind. I got to the DQ drive thru. I got my PBP. Almost drove off without my 37 cents in change which, evidently, by the dudes willingness to run after me, is clearly a big deal in those parts. I love (and this is with all sincerity...honestly!) small town America. I want to live there.

13 or was that 16? (Iowa City, Iowa)

So by now, you should know that I can't drive more than 45 minutes without having to pull over and take a nap. Or something. Getting to Iowa was no exception. I'm driving along, through lots and lots and lots of corn, when I come across some pretty exciting stuff.

Namely, Belmont, population 871 is kinda eerie. Not in a small town "you're a stranger" kinda way so much as in a I'm sitting here in a park in ride all alone and I need to get to gettin. Saw a beautiful sunset and lots of gorgeous farmland then bam...I hit the Mississippi.

Now. I'm no Miss South Carolina but color me clueless. I was all "wow--the Mississippi runs this far north??" when I crossed it just outside of Dubuque. It is the littlest thing that will fascinate me on a trip. So Dubuque is the farthest north I've crossed it...Memphis the farthest south. Neat.

Iowa City was Iowa City. For this trip, I was looking forward to meeting Angie and stopping by Reminisce and then going to dinner.

So. At the fair, of course I had to buy a post card and get it sent off on campus. But this is plotted BEFORE I know I'm the last rep to leave because all of a sudden everyone wants to go to Seattle University. Kinda neat actually. But when I finally hit the road, I with my no sense of direction and no GPS cannot find this very obvious store on this very obvious strip to save my life. 40 minutes later, patient Angie is STILL waiting for me and I make it to Reminisce.

Which is yet another of those "You have to go to" stores. They had lots of items within brands that I love. I love Heidi Grace stuff and they didn't just have the red and white of anything, they pretty much buy wide and deep. I loved that I could find all of a line there. And they had some GORGEOUS minis ala bind it all spread throughout the store. Lots of really great samples and a great newsletter too.

I spent way too much time here, but picked up the last tidbits for my mini book that I started collecting for way back in Chicago at Windy City. Snapped some pictures with Angie and Cindy (Cindy is the manager) and then we headed across the street for dinner.

Mondo's Tomato Pie (which, evidently, they have a few restaurants in town) has the hands down absolute BEST tortilla soup I have EVER had. I so need them to ship that to me. And that is coming from a Tx-Mx girl out of El Paso who has never said no to trying some tortilla soup. Oh goodness it was good.

Managed somehow (mostly because Angie and Cindy are punctual folks) to get out of there at a respectable hour. Two of the nicest people you will EVER meet in this world. Good luck Angie with your first class!

Pulled up to the gas station next door to gas up. Now. When you see a red circlish thing with white writing...would you not think that that symbolizes "stop"? yeah...not so in Iowa at that gas station. I was scraping the bugs off the windshield when I realized the gas had not started pumping. I can read. But I also take shortcuts (no no on the LSAT). That shortcut had me thinking the red stop sign wouldn't be necessary to START the flow of gas. Got that figured out, printed out a receipt and ended up taking half the paper roll from the receipt printer with me. Right.

When I finally DID hit the road again, guess what I came across? That would be West Branch. You know...Hoover? I stopped (late of course) at the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and took a gander at his birthplace. That was really neat. Then I drove some more. And at dark, I managed to find myself in Illinois finally. At a really dark rest stop. But I had to get the picture (and the map) so I stopped. I've never been so scared in my life. No one, nothing was there. Exactly. Finally arrived in Urbana and I'll be DAMNED if at check in, I still couldn't get into my room all over again. At least on this drive, I didn't see like 13 or so pieces of significant roadkill on the way to my hotel.

So where in NM are you from? (Madison, WI)

So Madison. I love college/government towns. This year, because I didn't stay right by the university, I got to see a bit more of Madison. I personally, could so see myself living here. Robert, not so much. He'd suffocate from the size.

So...I finally got to switch back to my Hilton family hotels. It sucked. In hindsight, I can say that. I stayed at the Madison West Towne Mall Area. Which, like I said...different. There was a chinese buffet (wait for it) in the parking lot and a scrap store across the street. Score right? Yeah. No.

So I checked in and God forbid anyone know how to work the key coder. I'm exhausted (not quite a 3 hour drive, but it has been a long day) and I just want to get in my room, check email, go to sleep, adjust to the time change. I go upstairs, key doesn't work. I'm pissed, but remembering Robert's advice that you get more done playing white than playing black. Okay, he doesn't say that exactly...I paraphrase. So I'm nice. I gently tell the nice sweet thang at the desk who managed to get me in EVEN THOUGH my reservation were actually for OCTOBER (yeah...hence why I should always do my own travel arrangements) that my key doesn't work.

"Oh sweety" she says though I've probably got 10 years AT LEAST on her, "Let me get that fixed right up for you."

She swipes it, does her magic, I go upstairs with the lady across the hall from me who ironically enough was also visiting with friends in Chi town who told her the 94 not the 90 was the way to go. I slip my key in the slot. No dice. She's trying to slip her key in her slot. No dice. I start to wonder if this whole upgrade to the top floor was a bad idea. We both head back down the elevator. I'm a bit pissed at this point.

"Really?" asks the sweet little thang who just cannot believe that I would take the time to come all the way back downstairs and play games with her about the key not working. "I guess I'll just have to go up with you" she says with my keys in tow. The sweat beads start to pop out when the second lady says she is having the same issue.

We get upstairs and of COURSE she can open the door in one fell swoop. Whatever. I get in, open the laptop, do my thing. Get up to take a shower. Come back, start typing and the thing shorts out. Just goes blank. Huh. I turn it back on, it starts, shuts down. Black screen of death. I start it again (cause clearly, I KNOW it wants to be on already) and this time I get asked if I want to start in regular Windows mode. Of course I do. It starts, shuts off. Then it won't start at all. I'm remarkably calm given that the business plan I worked on for like 3 weeks is on that damn thing. And all of my fave pics. And I have a project due for a contest.

For once, my mind clicked over to "well, I guess I'll just do x" mode. The plan became to find stuff to do a "real layout", find a walgreens to upload the photos on my camera to disk so that I can use the hotel computer to upload said layout and find some LSAT books and use my time wiseley to study. I go to sleep.

Next morning, I damn near break my neck getting out of the shower again cause the stupid shower curtain is too short and I might well have taken a bath on the puddle next to the shower. But it gets better. I go to the front desk. Check out, am ready to leave when I remember that I should have a package waiting for me. I ask, they claim they don't have it. I assure them they do. They claim they don't. I whip out my cell to make a call for a tracking number and like magic, the package appears. I'm pretty close to livid at this point. I ask where the computer for guests to use is..."Oh...we don't have a business center." Yeah...fine, but there's a computer here for guests to use...says so here on my reservation slip. Yeah, we don't have a business center. I explain the little power surge sitatuation that fried my laptop the night before in the room that I couldn't get into for 30 minutes. She says "oh really" and that's that. I'm done with this place.

Go back to campus, do the fair, get to see Brian. We catch up on such important things as Notre Dame vs Michigan's win percentage records (he's good for random tidbits like that) and then go back to our alphabetically separate but geographically kindred corners of the world to convince the great people of the midwest that the pacific northwest is where it is at. At least most people KNOW where Seattle is (smile).

Finish on campus and after the "3.5" hour drive of last night, convince myself that I have more than enough time to:

2. Buy an lsat prep book
3. stop by the scrap store
4. have dinner

And really, that all worked out just fine. Except that I also needed to find the post office because in the morning, when I stopped by Wal Greens to get my postcard, the woman took half of forever to tell me they didn't have any stamps although they were advertising for them all over the store. Go. Figure.

Get a couple of prep books from Borders, really nice folks tell me that the post office is right across the street, then I head over to the scrap store which shall remain nameless.

Decent selection (it has been close to forever since I've used an LSS as my main source of supplies) but what was more important was the attitude of the workers. I walked in. In a suit. As a black girl (imagine that). In Madison. I didn't look local I'm pretty sure. When I walked in, right past the front desk, right past about 3 employees, no one said hello. No one walked up to me 15 minutes later when I was still walking through the store holding just about everything in my hands because I didn't get a basket (helps me to keep the spending in check) to ask if I needed help or even to promote the use of a basket that probably would have gotten them much bigger sales. I was invisible.

On the positive, I LOVED their wall of alterable wood products and their crop space looked HUGE and very well stocked.

Just when I finished shopping, I walked up to the counter, laid it all down and came the usual "Do you want to be on our mailing list?" I noted that I wasn't local. Didn't say no or yes, just that I wasn't local. So she says "Oh" and then just rings up my purchase. I pay her with cash and as she is handing me back my change, she starts up a conversation with the decidedly local shopper behind me. Not so much as a thanks for coming in, or safe travels...she didn't even ask where I was from or try to sell me on why being on the mailing list would be a good thing for the next time (yep...I do this trip every year) I was in town. Nothing.

I walked out of there feeling like I was unimportant and especially because I wasn't local and wouldn't be back (so they thought) I wasn't worth any of their time. I really believe that the only way Local Scrapbook Stores are to survive is by us shopping in them. I won't be back to that one. I hear there is a great Archivers in Madison...

Anyhow...back to real life. I went across the street to the Chinese Buffet which implored me to vote them one of the top 100 buffets in America. Yeah. No. The food was...deplorable. But then again, who eats "Sushi" in Madison really? Not to be a Seattle snob, but you don't go from the coast to middle America to get sushi. Lesson learned. The rest of the food wasn't "bad" so much as all very similar. The Seafood Delight was kinda scary and the Kung Pao was just...yeah. So no, they will not get a vote for the top 100, BUT I know a place in Olympia and a place in Seattle that will. Thanks for the heads up!

But in closing, Madison was not at all all bad. On the way out of the Buffet, this guy pushing a white Benz rolls his window down and shouts out:

"Where in NM are you from."

blank stare.

"Uhhmmm...your plates??"

"Ohhh...this is a rental. But where in NM are YOU from?"

Turns out, he owns a business in Albuquerque on a street corner I know very well. No...not like that. From my recruiting days at New Mexico State. I told him I wasn't from there, but I used to live in Las Cruces and I lived right across the border in that better state. He got a chuckle out of that. I got to leave Madison feeling like all was not lost.

3 hours to Iowa. This should be fun.

Alamo is the bane of my existence (Chicago 2) laptop didn't so much like the midwest and decided to crash out on me. So I had lots and LOTS of stuff I wanted to say, but couldn't. Never mind the fact that blogger is playing games and I can't unprivate my other blog (one more try then I'm done with it) so there will be some spill over. And because I hate reading long posts with no pictures, I'll break it down for you.

Chicago, Day 2

So today turned into a hot ass mess. Not a hot mess. Cause that would be funny. But a hot ass mess which is just downright triflin'.

So Traci was Ms. Punctual and arrived just in time for our day. For some reason, the Marriott gift shop was closed this morning so I couldn't get a post card. The trip was off to a bad start couldn't pay me to stay in another Marriott just FYI.

I hop in the mini van and Traci proceeds to tell me about her rummage sale. Now I need to check her spots so you can get the real run down on the situation cause I will not do it justice. But in a nutshell:

Imagine, if you will, a yard sale. You're with a group of your boys (and you're a boy too...just pretend for a moment...) and you walk over to that old vcr over there. You pick it up, turn it over, start prodding it. Traci looks up, sees a glimpse of something, watches as you put it down and pretty much run away. Traci thinks nothing of it. Later (how later is not really relevant) she walks over, picks it up and is fiddling with it when she pulls not one, not two, but SEVERAL maxi pads out of the tape slot. Rewinding her memory, she recalls the dude (that was you...pretending...remember?) having something white in his hand and then turning white himself before taking off like he was being chased. Oh the stuff you find at Rummage sales.

Anyhow, as she is trying to tell me this story, I am trying to give her directions to Windy City Scrapbooking. We did make it there. Even parked on "the street". That will be important momentarily.

So it is like 11ish when we hit this store. We talked, we stalked, we shopped and then there was the annual garage sale so we had to shop that too. We got pictures, I gave her my receipt for their really GENIUS auction concept, we walked out and went back to the car. I got on the directions. We were to circle the block and find the next street. Never mind that the street we were parked on was "the next street" and that we spent like 20 minutes driving around trying to get to it. I warned her I was not observant. She cautioned me that she sees everything. To the point that we get to Lou's for pizza and have to struggle up on some street parking. We find a spot right at the corner, with a hydrant and proceed to try to fit the mini in that spot. In the meantime, not one, but TWO cars round the corner and take the TWO empty spots in clear sight of what we were trying to accomplish. We had a dang good laugh at that. In a moment of "clarity" I decide to call Alamo rental cars to let them know I might be running a bit late (it is like 2:30 at this point--Windy City was the best time suck I've ever been in.).


Dude is clicking away on the computer telling me if I don't get there between 3 and 4, they're charging me another $400. I ask why I'm being charged more to NOT have the car. I don't think he got that I wouldn't be keeping the car longer. Or that it just made no damn sense what he was telling me. I was hormonal, I panicked. no. I didn't get black on the man (I was in mixed company...come on now). Instead, I demanded that poor starving Traci get me to Ohare.

So we get to O hare at just about 4 and not only do I manage to find the one car with half a tank of gas that they didn't credit me for, but I almost lost Traci in the lot. I tell ya.

All ended well though. She called up Lou's over by her way and got us in with the BEST pizza I have ever had (remember that cheese distinction--I think that was it) and the Calamari was good too! And even better than all that was the conversation. I told Traci (and meant and still mean this totally) that her kids are totally TOTALLY lucky to have her as a mom. And I'm lucky to know her. Renegade fair...I'm tempted to look up the Brooklyn event but if I couldn't make the Chicago gig, I've no qualms about giving up on NYC. But Traci did get me to Madison via the 94 instead of the 90. To that, I asked her how long it would take and she told me about 3.5 hours maybe. Given my 90 directions said about 3 hours, I was not sweating that so much as wondering how I would stay awake for 3 hours of driving.

I got to Milwaukee about an hour into the drive and with my no sense of direction/no sense of time self, I kinda freaked out and knew that somewhere I had to have missed a turn. Even with stopping for gas, it took me 1 hour, 50 minutes to get to Madison. I have a bit of a lead foot. I'm praying to GOD I don't have a stupid toll ticket though--who carries that much change on them really??

Chicago...peace out.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Waiting on my girlfriend to come visit me (Chicago)

That was about the saddest thing I heard this weekend.

I'm in Chicago. My boyfriend is in Seattle. I called him last night after he got off from work (which, when he told me on Friday that he had to work on Saturday, that was, at the time, the saddest thing I had heard all weekend) and asked what he was doing. He said (quotes):

"Waiting for the girlfriend to come visit me."

It is that time of year. The time of year where I spend more time away from home sleeping in hotel beds, eating dinner with other guys and girls and talking through a tinny very far sounding device to get my daily fix of him.

And for the record...he also said that everytime he gets out of our Westin Heavenly bed at home, that it feels like he's getting out of a hotel bed. Slowly but surely, I'm transforming our life into a posh hotel environment. I think he's catching on. And yes...the Heavenly Bed even with our older sheets and really needs to be replaced Duvet Cover is a bagillion times more comfy than my Marriott bed. Even on the Magnificent Mile.

So...Chicago. Today blooms bright and lovely. I get to see Traci in about 20 minutes, do some real pizza (hint number one, Giordanos stuffed pizza--perhaps the stuffed CHEESE pizza is all that. My stuffed vegi supreme sucked. And by the looks of all the folks leaving their extra pizza on the table instead of taking it with them...I'm just being observant is all. Verdict: Sucked), hit Windy City Scrapbooking and then off to spend some of the cash burning in my pocket at the Renegade fair. Just got a message from a high school fair that I will be back here (Chicago) in January. Note to self, I will NOT stay at the Marriott Mag Mile. My room...freezing, tv with a static line going through it, finally called them to fix it when it got stuck on tv internet for some reason and the last straw...the bathroom sink leaks. As in from the pipes underneath the counter. Uhhhg.

Gotta go buy a postcard so I can send it on out to the most missed BF in the world.

Until Madison...

Friday, September 07, 2007

Sexy. Back

Cause what goes around comes around and it is t-minus 2 minutes to midnight as I start typing this then it will be Justin Timberlake Day. General Admission. Don't care who's opening. Do care about intermission but mostly care about getting my groove on. And nope...I'm not too old to do that.

And it will cap off three weeks straight of concert going. 7 bands/acts. Love it. Don't really know why I stopped doing this.

Life is good. Got some great pics from my aunt in Texas of my brother and his wife that I need to download to my laptop. Need to create a desktop with lots of my fave photos. Also should get my scanner working.

But for now, I think I'm going to go and have some frozen gogurt and hit the sack. I've got some dancing to do tomorrow. Oh yeah...after the bike ride around the lake. Another great weekend ahead. Oh but before I go.

Last night, we went to the Center for Wooden Boats. A fundraiser with the Classic and Antique Boats Society. Just amazingly PASSIONATE people about a really neat craft. We got out on the water in the Hokey Pokey which is an amazingly GORGEOUS boat (complete with FULL bar...ahem). The ride was so smooth. Big old motor (the owner had done all the restoration of the woodwork and the engine/mechanical all himself) that he gunned us across the lake in inside the speed zone and it was just gorgeous. GORGEOUS. I said that already but this is a not much of a boat girl talking about a gorgeous boat.

The line of the night. well aside from Stephen asking R if he brought any pretty ladies with him tonight (lol) was sitting at a table and being asked..."So Bernadette, are you into boats?" to which I respond "I'm into a guy who is into boats." to which the guy with a thick accent that I managed to miss his name says "So then the answer is yes, you're into boats."

Yes. Yes I am.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Shoot...what a Weekend!

Ahhh...still yet one more day. I LOVE three day weekends.

So briefly.

Sean Paul is so far my fave concert this year. I love his music, love de dancehall style an all. I was booty shaking it the whole time and it felt GOOD! Reminded me of dance team days and dance club days in college. Got one of his old school songs but mostly his newer stuff including a new single coming out.

Loved that he even did two of his appearance songs--you know...the ones where you ain't the main, but you guest verse. He did the Beyonce song which I LOVED (that video was HOT!! and of course you know I love that girl) and it was great.

Course I'm all about crowd watching now. Very different group of folks from Incubus and Modest Mouse. Lots of teeny boppers that were all wanting to be up front for Fergie which, in the end I said "You know...I really don't need to see her perform." Besides the make out sessions of two couples right next to us and the usual contact high of a concert where the number one song is "We Be Burning" (about...well...look it up...)...I'd say it was the best show I've been to yet.

Which is interesting cause my better half is all about "A good concert involves music--like live music." And I'm all about "A good concert involves maybe some live instrumentalists, but also a dj, some dancers and a great stage show." I think we hit it right about on balance with Sean Paul. Course, if you're not into that kind of music, it won't matter much either way.

So Shoot...we've done the Shoot and have one more day--John Legend today at 3ish and then the Wu at 9:30. Maybe some sushi in between. Maybe I'll remember to take my camera. Totally stoked that in a long weekend, I was able to hang with my fave person, drop two pounds, get a bit of scrapping done and get my laptop cleaned up. Still should tackle the desktop but next week at work so I get out on time and life should be good. Then the road tour. More on that to come!