Monday, September 24, 2007

You Know You're in a College Town When (Bloomington, IN)

So...after a drive that proved much longer than it should have, I ended up in Bloomington. From the Indy airport to my hotel took 49 minutes. Doing way faster than I should have been because this stupid group of what I thought were other recruiters kept pacing me...doing like 85. In a 60. Anyhow.

I showed up way later than expected here and so didn't go out to dinner with the crew because well, I had a ton of things to do in prep for the email onslaught I was missing. So I hit up McCrappy for the consistent crappiness that is McDonalds (contrary to popular belief, if forced to, I could live off that stuff). Pulled out the LSAT book and scored my old score on a timed practice test. Reviewed what I got wrong and made this oath to myself:

If by the end of October, I am scoring 165 consistently, I'll register for the December LSAT. If I score what I think I'm capable of scoring given practice tests, common sense and a commitment to actually STUDY this time around for the LSAT (well...prepare...since you don't "study" for the LSAT), then I will apply. And that won't happen until half of forever. But, since I need to get back to doing my job at work (chiefly, administering the LSAT), I need to get it taken in December and move on already. So that was my Wednesday night.

Thursday morning, I finally (FINALLY) came to realize that uhhmmm...yeah...Bloomington is EST...not CST. Which means I had a brief moment of panic when I thought that might throw a wrench into my plan to get to the Indy airport in an hour for my flight. Phew...they're both in the same time zone...imagine that.

Anyhow, at IU, met a lot of great kids, saw a Jena 6 protest. Loved that campus. Straight down to the dogs, the trickling stream by the union and getting lost (of course) trying to get off campus and back onto the main road.

Thanks to the great pacing of a limo driver, I made it to Indy in 45 minutes--stopped for gas just outside of the airport (note to self, there IS a gas station on the corner of the rental drop off facility at the airport) and remember how in Chi-town they were telling me I'd be charged extra for taking the car later? I got charged LESS than I contracted with them for having the car for less time. I was heated. And emotional. Cause I missed Renegade in Chicago and hanging with Traci more and meeting more people because of the STUPID (as in ignorant, lazy, "not my problem") customer dis-service rep at Alamo. Nice guys. Really nice.

Anyhow, got into the airport, flight was (of course) delayed and managed to find myself in Chicago at the same Chili's that I talked to my mom from when I went to CHA in Chicago back in Feb. This time, we laughed it up about our people (It must have been my brother in law that turned it back on) and your people (Don't taze me bro!) and in it all, my adorable nephew now has a puppy.

All in all, Bloomington treated me well. Rush hour is when everyone is trying to get onto or off of campus. The hotel signs were tagged with some pretty...ahem...crazy stuff for my poor virginal eyes, and the best places to eat in town as recommended by the staff all had all you can drink specials going on. Or so I was told.

And no, I don't know what kind of dog my nephew has. Evidently, not knowing that is like not knowing the sex of your best friend's new baby. According to the doglover in my house anyhow.


Leah said...

IU was one of my top two choices for college when i applied a few years ago - such a beautiful beautiful campus - so hard to resist all those big old trees and gorgeous brick buildings!

Anonymous said...

If you are scoring 165 then you need to apply for the December LSAT. Today.

And stay away from IU Law.