Monday, September 03, 2007

Shoot...what a Weekend!

Ahhh...still yet one more day. I LOVE three day weekends.

So briefly.

Sean Paul is so far my fave concert this year. I love his music, love de dancehall style an all. I was booty shaking it the whole time and it felt GOOD! Reminded me of dance team days and dance club days in college. Got one of his old school songs but mostly his newer stuff including a new single coming out.

Loved that he even did two of his appearance songs--you know...the ones where you ain't the main, but you guest verse. He did the Beyonce song which I LOVED (that video was HOT!! and of course you know I love that girl) and it was great.

Course I'm all about crowd watching now. Very different group of folks from Incubus and Modest Mouse. Lots of teeny boppers that were all wanting to be up front for Fergie which, in the end I said "You know...I really don't need to see her perform." Besides the make out sessions of two couples right next to us and the usual contact high of a concert where the number one song is "We Be Burning" (about...well...look it up...)...I'd say it was the best show I've been to yet.

Which is interesting cause my better half is all about "A good concert involves music--like live music." And I'm all about "A good concert involves maybe some live instrumentalists, but also a dj, some dancers and a great stage show." I think we hit it right about on balance with Sean Paul. Course, if you're not into that kind of music, it won't matter much either way.

So Shoot...we've done the Shoot and have one more day--John Legend today at 3ish and then the Wu at 9:30. Maybe some sushi in between. Maybe I'll remember to take my camera. Totally stoked that in a long weekend, I was able to hang with my fave person, drop two pounds, get a bit of scrapping done and get my laptop cleaned up. Still should tackle the desktop but next week at work so I get out on time and life should be good. Then the road tour. More on that to come!

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