Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Life...beyond scrapbooking

Never mind the fact that I actually got what follows off of a fellow scrapbookers blog (hi Chris!...okay I'm messing cause she don't know me - or the fact that I stalk her blog - from Adam. Or Eve for that matter). I digress. But I must stay off her blog because at work, when the music comes on full blast, people look at me like "Why are you not working" and that makes me feel all sad and bad and shameful and stuff.

Because I feel kinda bad that I've been totally neglecting the life blog, I really needed to post a few times here today. So first, a simple "life check" list. To get me thinking of what is important and all.

Yourself: surprisingly in a good mood. Blue skies, nice comments, got to scrap until midnight
Your partner: ironically enough, ALSO slaving away at the bank. Doing his thang.
Your hair: I bought it AND WHAT?!
Your mother: lovely, stressed, just trying to get by
Your father: what's a "father"?
Your favorite item: rockstar gaffers tape. mmmmmm.....
Your dream last night: I woke up vividly remembering it. But then I couldn't remember the date when I had to fill in my parking pass this morning and because I was stressing with all my might to summon that memory, my brain overloaded and alas...I have no idea what I dreamed about last night except to say it was a good dream and I'm pretty sure he was in it (smile).
Your favorite drink: water with lemon...lots of lemon
Your dream car: I used to LOVE Jags...then I saw this hot Mercedes...and I started dating this crazy guy and...so she said.
Your dream home: oh where to start. Lots of space--hardwood floors of course, but some really great plush carpeting as well. Great master bedroom suite with a big enough closet for his stuff. Great first floor extra rooms - office for him, scrapish room for me, open floor plan, lots of nooks and cranies and arch details, great colors, great DETAILS (brushed nickel, CAT4 wiring), big gorgeous pool out back (not just a hole in the ground...but a real great pool), and most of all, not cookie cutter. Which is hard since my better half is all about planned development, but at the very least, my inside won't be your inside and the vacation home (yeah, and she went there) will totally not be cookie cutter.
The room you are in now: the little plastic baggie in the fish bowl while you acclimate the goldfish. I'm in a glass front office with folks staring at me. That glass front office is within another glass front office with people staring at all of us. Note to ya'll: When the lights outside are turned off and the door is locked--even though you can see us siting in the little plastic baggies inside the big fish bowl, PLEASE don't knock on the glass. That scares us.
Your fear: failure of course. Not living up to your expectations. Or my expectations of what your expectations should be.
Where you want to be in 10 yrs: loving up on some kids, married to a great guy, successfully acquiring another storefront or two, or selling off mine. Been there done that, cyclical nature and all.
Who you hung out with last night: the cable lady who try as she might could NOT get the #*$*) HD Tivo to work with the crappy Comcast CableCard (TM). Why? Because they really REALLY want to send a tech out to your house to do it. Yeah, but then you have to be home. I'll be damned already. So now...we can watch tv, we just can't record. So what is the point in a tivo again? Anyhow. We have internet. I was sweating those 23 minutes without. And now instead of hundred bucks a month, we pay half that. Why is it the cable company lets you play these games? Do they not know I date a guy who will jump right in??
You're not: a poser. Really that quiet. Or that obnoxious. Or that good really--I just pretend I am.
Wish list item: today...times about 200.
Last thing you did: check bloglines, added a new blog
What are you wearing: brown slacks and an orange and gold striped shirt
Favorite weather: today--blue skies, about 70ish perfect Seattle weather. no humidity, no sweat beads poppin' up on the forehead, no need for a jacket, but sunglasses are nice.
Favorite book: Anything by David Sedaris. I need to re-read him.
Last thing you ate: Reeses peanut butter cup of course.
Your life: all things considered, pretty darn good. And then some
Your mood:amazingly upbeat today. Scrapping can do a body good.
Your best friend: him of course. Shhh...he probably doesn't really know that.
What are you thinking about right now: (smile)...see above...wonder what he's doing right now.
Your car: Hyundai Sonata
What are you are doing at this moment: duh (smile). Blogging about to go to work
Relationship status: not married but oh so far from single.
What's on TV: probably the Tyra Banks show.
Last time you laughed: hmmm...like a chuckle or a hardy har har? Cause I chuckled a couple of minutes ago at a student who panicked because he was not registered for the fall. He had neglected to check his school email account to receive the 80 notices to do so before we figured on dropping him from the class. In his panic email, he says "if you need to be in touch with me, do so immediately at my blah@hotmail.com addy. I promise I won't miss another blah University email account message again." The irony. Lost on you huh? But that was my last chuckle. Night before last I laughed really hard at Wife Swap. I know it is not polite to laugh at people but the Dog Lady told the Earth Lady "Wake up Biotch" in regards to letting her 15 year old son "sleep outside the house" (he lives in the guest house...get real). I laughed not at this situation because the woman had lost her mind (clearly...watch the episode, it was one of the best) but because when we see stuff like that on tv, we always harken back to the good old days of Super Nanny. Specifically the episode (sad one really) of the mom who's hubby had died and she was raising like 4 or 5 kids on her own. This sweet, adorable little like 3ish year old was a terror. To the point that he says "Mommy...I have something in my pocket for you" and he pulls out a middle finger. Classic. I had to give it to him for the cleverness (is that a word???) BUT that is our high water marker of hillarious laughter. Well, for me. I'm cold. I know this.

Time to work...or at least go and get lunch.


Tiffany said...

Bwahaha! loved this! I see you work at a school? 'Cause so do I and I get these calls all the time..hehe students!

Natasja said...

hehehe great post!! Did you know that, on blog where music sounds, if you hit the esc-button most of the times the musics stops??!!
try it ;-)

beth opel said...

You are so hilarious...loved this little peek inside your mind!

chris jenkins said...

oops - didn't mean to get ya in trouble! love reading your answers.

really humbled that you dig my blog! i guess i best i better make sure the content is good - lol.

take care and now i know you from adam :D