Tuesday, July 31, 2007

And she travels...

SO let us see.

Chicago and the midwest in September.
Upstate gorgeous NY end of September/start of October.
San Fran for a short trip.
San Diego for a shorter trip.

And that is my travel schedule this fall. I call it "travel light" as it is no where NEAR the craziness I did last year. Which is odd given my boss's maternity leave and desire to stay closer to home. Which, by the by, if I had a daughter HALF as adorable as Natalie, I would so totally stay home all the time too.

Yeah and I said it. Time to check out what specifically I should DO in those places. San Fran is covered (thanks to my better half) but for a hot second we were going to do Disneyland on the San Diego trip. The NERVE of them there folks closing down Alice in Wonderland AND Its a Small World at the same time. Like it would ever be a trip to Disney without a float through Its a Small World...

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Tara said...

You should look up Janice while you are in San Diego