Thursday, July 12, 2007


I just realized is Friday the 13th. Which is good cause it takes one of those once in a blue moon occurences (evidently) for me to hook up with one of my fave people in the world. World, meet Liisa. And yeah, she spells it like that. Which is why she is totally one of my fave people.

Pizza (on a diet...that will go over swell after what I had today) and a drive in rush hour traffic. She is so totally worth it. And then some.

Cause she does stuff like this:

Person X is not so much. Person X overheard Liisa talking to someone else I really DO like about me. Person X is all "'re talking about B? She is cool people and she is one of my fave people in the world." My Liisa senses the disconnect. My Liisa doesn't let it slide. And I think my Liisa would be pissed at me laying claim to her all like this, but my Liisa (not YOUR Lisa) knows me like that. Anyhow...I digress.

I was saying.

My Liisa called her out. straight up. In one of those smart people ways. See...I'm straight hood. So I would have said something like " don't know her." Liisa is slick. She's a bit (okay, a LOT) hood too, but she says:

" which was your fave picture from her blog??"


"You know...pic your fave, win some pics??"

[more silence]

"...from her trip with Robert..."

[some silence, but then...] "Who's Robert?"


To the person she was originally talking to I imagine something like "The look" whereby they both knew this person didn't know/like/care about me for Adam. How do you love someone like that and not know she went on a trip? Or the name of the man she's been with for 2 years? Really now. Course, I didn't know till yesterday that Liisa had moved to Alaska for a hot month but I'm a hot mess and I roll like that. And she loves me still. And I will always love her. For that alone.

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tanya_williams said...

After that story, I love your Liisa, too! That's SO me! Can't stand fake folk.