Monday, June 25, 2007

In regular life

Ahhh...Sunday. Yes, I know it is Monday. But Sunday. See, Saturday, I spent most of the day holed up in my scrap hole trying to dig out from under the mess so I could see a table again. Almost. Sunday, I woke up to do much of the same. But my better half was bored. Wanted to know how I would entertain him. Alas, everytime we began to think of a bike ride, the weather went went to Typical Seattle. To the point that 5 folks up north were struck by lightening. Talk about an electrical evening.

So instead, I finished up the scrap cleaning and then we made lunch. Burgers (veggie for me, thanks) and tater tots. I love tater tots. That and Kraft Mac and Cheese. I could be a happy girl with just those for a while. And maybe some peanut butter toast. And watermelon. Oh...and frozen gogurt pops. I think that's it. Water. With some lemon on it. Oh and for lunch...pho and mushroom garden rolls. I digress.

So we ate lunch and made a list and checked it twice. Then it was off to free lunch Sunday at Costco (love all the samples!) but we went to shop. We were both way off on the guesstimate at the end, but so it goes. Then, we left there and went to "the regular grocery store" to get the stuff we don't need annual supplies of--you gel, deodorant, veggies...although we did buy grapes at Costco.

After that, we went home. And though we tried not to, it was nap time. For some of us at least. I did manage to get a digi layout almost done. Was playing with some filters and totally diggin' a new non-scrap site and got some really great stuff done. Then I put it away. And we had dinner. Again, the better half whipped up a wicked great combination. Me, not being a fish gal, LOVED the salmon. I love our GF grill...totally. I like the regular one too, but the GF just keeps everything so moist. I could so become a fish girl. Anyhow, after that, it was time to get the clothes put up (trust, this is an accomplishment in and of itself) and then I hopped into bed and tried to read. Fell asleep. Slept very well. Woke up early enough (today) to get to work at a respectable hour. And my hair is not a wreck today and I managed to decently coordinate an outfit. I think I will return to hanging my clothes up by outfit as opposed to individually (ie, a shirt and slacks together instead of separately)...makes the mornings much easier.

And here we are...Monday morning. Almost 11...almost halfway through the day...and of course blue skies since it isn't the weekend after all.

Here's to a great week!

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Rachel said...

And I thought my DH and I were the only ones to guesstimate the total amount in our cart before the cashier rings us up! :D

Sounds like a happy weekend!