Friday, June 01, 2007

First Janet...then...

OH MY WOW! Ms. Thang is on the Tyra Banks show. Now. I'm usually NOT a big fan of the TB show because she just so very much annoys me. Just a bit too "Girl, I'ma fix this for you."

Anyhow. She has Ms. Janet. Ms. Jackson if ya Nasty herself. On the show today. Now. I cannot BEGIN to tell you how much of a Janet fan I am. I would be a stalker if I were not too lazy to do something like that. So she's on the show today and she gave Tyra permission to ask her 20 questions that no one has ever asked her before.

No biggy--like everyone else, she's gonna lob softballs at her and Ms. Jackson will remain Ms. Innocent but yeah, go listen to some of them interludes on her album. Yeah.

Tyra is off the HOOK. Asking her stuff that most folks didn't have the guts to ask. And the answers? Whoa now! I might have to go out of my way to buy like the video transcript of this show. I love me some Janet. She can sing. She can dance. She is so amazingly wow! I need to go buy 20 YO now.

But here's a contradiction - TB asked J if she'd rather gain a lot of weight and have her talent still or if she'd rather keep thin as she is now and not be able to have her talent. Basically, she chose both cause she said I'd have to keep my talent cause I love to dance and sing and I love what I do. honey. You wouldn't be able to dance like you do if you was thick like I am (or like I supposedly saw you before you dropped all that weight--you the mags...) AND I bet half the world would fall off if you couldn't both dance and sing and get nasty with it like you do. True, there are some boys that like big girls. But they know you're a tiny girl (REALLY--she's like up to Tyra's underboobie AND she's wearing like 8 inch stacked heels...true Tyra is wearing like 4 inches herself, but still) so that big girl thing won't fly.

OH MY...TB just asked about J's worst weave disaster. TB said she loved J in That's the Way Love Goes and she tried to get a weave like that. J turned to look at the photo and said "you're beautiful". And then...she busts out with "Oh, so that's what you were trying to do?"

LMAO. I mean come on...she's just so sweet. She was like "I didn't mean it like that, just that you know..."

If J could do a reality show and had to choose from American Idol, So you Think you can dance or America's Top Model. She chose Idol. Of course (smile). I love how real J is...all out there with the "in my 30's, I hated what I looked like". And now, she finally looks in the mirror and can say "I love the sway of my back and my smile."

Too real. I'ma go watch and stop transcribing. I might have to start watching this show all over again. 21 minutes till my next session. Stop the commercials already!

ETA! Oh and yeah...I wish I was on the dance team again. Janet brings back some memories...ohhh man.

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