Sunday, September 16, 2007

Waiting on my girlfriend to come visit me (Chicago)

That was about the saddest thing I heard this weekend.

I'm in Chicago. My boyfriend is in Seattle. I called him last night after he got off from work (which, when he told me on Friday that he had to work on Saturday, that was, at the time, the saddest thing I had heard all weekend) and asked what he was doing. He said (quotes):

"Waiting for the girlfriend to come visit me."

It is that time of year. The time of year where I spend more time away from home sleeping in hotel beds, eating dinner with other guys and girls and talking through a tinny very far sounding device to get my daily fix of him.

And for the record...he also said that everytime he gets out of our Westin Heavenly bed at home, that it feels like he's getting out of a hotel bed. Slowly but surely, I'm transforming our life into a posh hotel environment. I think he's catching on. And yes...the Heavenly Bed even with our older sheets and really needs to be replaced Duvet Cover is a bagillion times more comfy than my Marriott bed. Even on the Magnificent Mile.

So...Chicago. Today blooms bright and lovely. I get to see Traci in about 20 minutes, do some real pizza (hint number one, Giordanos stuffed pizza--perhaps the stuffed CHEESE pizza is all that. My stuffed vegi supreme sucked. And by the looks of all the folks leaving their extra pizza on the table instead of taking it with them...I'm just being observant is all. Verdict: Sucked), hit Windy City Scrapbooking and then off to spend some of the cash burning in my pocket at the Renegade fair. Just got a message from a high school fair that I will be back here (Chicago) in January. Note to self, I will NOT stay at the Marriott Mag Mile. My room...freezing, tv with a static line going through it, finally called them to fix it when it got stuck on tv internet for some reason and the last straw...the bathroom sink leaks. As in from the pipes underneath the counter. Uhhhg.

Gotta go buy a postcard so I can send it on out to the most missed BF in the world.

Until Madison...

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