Friday, September 07, 2007

Sexy. Back

Cause what goes around comes around and it is t-minus 2 minutes to midnight as I start typing this then it will be Justin Timberlake Day. General Admission. Don't care who's opening. Do care about intermission but mostly care about getting my groove on. And nope...I'm not too old to do that.

And it will cap off three weeks straight of concert going. 7 bands/acts. Love it. Don't really know why I stopped doing this.

Life is good. Got some great pics from my aunt in Texas of my brother and his wife that I need to download to my laptop. Need to create a desktop with lots of my fave photos. Also should get my scanner working.

But for now, I think I'm going to go and have some frozen gogurt and hit the sack. I've got some dancing to do tomorrow. Oh yeah...after the bike ride around the lake. Another great weekend ahead. Oh but before I go.

Last night, we went to the Center for Wooden Boats. A fundraiser with the Classic and Antique Boats Society. Just amazingly PASSIONATE people about a really neat craft. We got out on the water in the Hokey Pokey which is an amazingly GORGEOUS boat (complete with FULL bar...ahem). The ride was so smooth. Big old motor (the owner had done all the restoration of the woodwork and the engine/mechanical all himself) that he gunned us across the lake in inside the speed zone and it was just gorgeous. GORGEOUS. I said that already but this is a not much of a boat girl talking about a gorgeous boat.

The line of the night. well aside from Stephen asking R if he brought any pretty ladies with him tonight (lol) was sitting at a table and being asked..."So Bernadette, are you into boats?" to which I respond "I'm into a guy who is into boats." to which the guy with a thick accent that I managed to miss his name says "So then the answer is yes, you're into boats."

Yes. Yes I am.

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RiNNE said...

Ooooh, you are so lucky to be going to Justin's concert! Soo jealous!