Monday, September 24, 2007

If you Love it so much, why don't you just marry it??

Finally FINALLY got to see the boyfriend again. And yes KA, there were several arrests that went down this weekend...I mean I live in the hood and all (smile).

So let us catch up. I'm so so SOOO sad that Gretch and Ali were not SOYs. I mean, out of 10 folks, to "know" two of them and genuinely be able to say that either of them would have been amazing choices...I loved them both. Here's to so much greater things to come from both of them! If you have no idea what I'm talking about, just remember, my scrap blog is on the fritz.

No scrap wise, R got his 40D and sold off the 20D. It was so bittersweet cause that camera went lots of great places with us. Heck, it went to Everest with us! But with a new camera comes new play time so after I got home from work on Saturday (more on that shortly), we went to the zoo. The Seattle zoo sucks. 3:30 pm on a Saturday it does. Everything is hiding out ready to be done with the crowds already. Of course, Robert's judgement was based on the San Diego Zoo (which I may visit this year when I hit SD) so it was kinda unfair. BUT the day and night exhibit was cool. I've never seen sloths before...those things are much bigger than I thought. And very VERY slow and deliberate (smile).

Backtracking, on Friday night, we went out for sushi. This time, I didn't eat myself into a sushi coma...because I wanted green tea ice cream. Which prompted my better half to proclaim his undying love for rainbow sherbert. I told him if he loved it so much, he should just marry it. he settled for a waffle cone full of it instead.

Sunday, we (well, me) sat around all day. I went shopping for groceries (maybe a bit overkill) and then sat back to watch the Vaqueros trounce on the Osos. Because of the specialness of this month, it took me until the 4th quarter to realize that the score board graphic before each commercial was bilingual. Yeah...observant and all. I LOVE the cowboys right now. Not cause they are winning, but because they are PLAYING LIKE COWBOYS. Essentially...they are cocky, they are sure, and yeah, I missed the first quarter of the game when Romo was actin' a fool (shopping for groceries and all).

I saw that the Cowboys were supposed to lose. I saw that Washington got trounced by Philly (I hate Philly to by the by). So I was reserved to let us drop this game if necessary when I watched most of the first half only to see that it was 3 to 3. When the Boys scored first in the 2nd half, I figured we had it on lock. Then we let them march right back on us. Oy. So when we finally got it together and TO and Romo were grinning actin' like happy little kids on the sideline, I was all over that feel good "yeah...we're actually GOOD" vibe they were lettin' off.

You know it is sad when you wish your team WOULDN'T score or wouldn't have a good record just so that they might get a bit of fight back into their bellies. Don't quit on me now Boys!


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ChrisS said...

Ooooh the 40D, great machine! Hey I just went to the Toronto zoo almost the same day and ya, lots of the critters hiding from us too. Enjoy the new camera!