Thursday, October 05, 2006

Another top 10?

As we get ready to finish out this trip back home, I have to blog. But I have to also get to work. So a list. Yes another one and all of these need details so I'll get to that. With pictures. Truly. I have to get a work flow down for this, but if I don't write these reminders to self, self won't remember.


In no particular order of course *yeah right*

I love coming back because of:

*hugs from my adorable nephew who I miss terribly. Terribly
*broken butterfly wings & sadness of little ones not comfortable in their skin
*91 7:30 am
*seeing old friends at work; taking the time to go and see old co-workers after work
*old co-workers remembering the tiniest details--even 4 years later
*beautiful NM
*taking mom to dinner and getting her to understand she's worth it & King crab legs. In the desert, I know...
*being told that she's so good to people and people are good to her...sometimes. And knowing it.
*feeling at home--like being wrapped in a hug and given space to breath...all at once
*chicos...need I say more?

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