Friday, September 29, 2006

Who in d hell...

Does she think she is? She don't blog for half a month and think we're going to be right here waiting on her?'re here arentcha? Yeah and what.

So...I have soooooo much to write about. And I know you won't stick around for a pictureless post of my ramblings. So I need to make it interactive. How about I just post a lot of posts today with pictures and stories. I need to organize this. And I need to get home--but not as urgently as I thought this morning.

Okay...a list of 10 (NOT a cop out) and then I will pick 3 to detail.

[not numbered because they are equally important]

* She worked a whole WEEK!
* M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I
* the shake down
* the shuttle
* what debt collectors will do for $50
* Spaghetti Factory
* Chi-Town
* Thankfully Thanksgiving
* What happens ____ stays _____
* Who dat be??

Okay... brief synopsis because I'm about to pea my pants with some of these memories:

* I can't REMEMBER the last time I worked a Wednesday. Oh...aside from this past Wednesday that is. But wait for it. I even get to come BACK to work on Saturday. Lovely.

* MS - uhhmm...sure Morgan Freeman was "just here". Taco Bell hits (where, by the way, it takes 11 people to take your order--especially if the manager is one of them and two more of them are on break). Cottonlandia. Plantations. 49 mph on the Trace. Jackson is the hood? Sweet Tea. O'Charleys. Shrimp and Grits. That, my dear, is definitely worth it's own post.

* to be fair, this is part of MS, but the shake down involves driving while black, abuses of power and pens. Not pins (like you could stick someone with) but pens like you would use to write with. Like some of us would use to write with...

* okay...this is also MS but where you think I been all this time with no internet?? Okay...I had internet, but I digress. that shuttle, in bold letters on the email that would be clearly marked? That also deserves a post of it's own. A post in pictures. I'll have to put that on my picture blog. A picture is worth more than a thousand words. Trust me.

* so there is a woman I know. Let's call her "mom" for sake of a better name or better indicator of how much this woman means to me. (though, for the record, it is not to imply that she is MY mom). Anyhow. So, I get calls daily. Long distance calls. Begging me to tell "mom" to call "such and such Loan Sharks". Because of the urgency of their calls, I once asked (thinking they wouldn't tell me) how much "mom" actually owed. $50. So I called "mom" to tell her I'd pay the bill, but then she proceeded to tell me that these folks not only call long distance, but they call her at work and ask to speak to her or her supervisor. They then also drive in excess of 40 miles round trip at least 3 times a week to leave a "calling card" on her door. What took the cake? One day, she came home and there were like 17 of these cards stuck all over her door and mailbox. Now, I know I work for a law school and so sometimes I think I know more than I do. But all this crap is just downright illegal. But hillarious. HILLARIOUS! I mean as "mom" said "At what point do you cut your losses and just figure you're not getting that money back?!"


* Spaghetti Factory. Bonafide barf. I should have known when he said "This used to be my sister's fave place" (not that sis has bad taste, just a different sense of what is good).

* Chi-town--I swear to all that is good that this city better damn well be worth it. I FINALLY found a hotel where I could get my points and not be in the hood AND not be too far from the Magnificent Mile. I mean truly. My event is at a hotel on MLK Jr Drive. Yes...we all know what that means. But really. Was "not in the hood" but closeby and decent and points credible too much to ask? I don't think so. But then that's just me.

* Thanksgiving. So thankful for what is going down that I actually bought a friggin $30 tea lite candle set from the PartyLite scam. No...torious. BF is a keeper. Definitely my family will think so.

* What happens...on the road, stays on the road. That's recruiter talk. So I'll be in that mindset times two when I then hit VEGAS with the King of Vegas. Oh dear that silence will be golden.

* Who dat be. Really...can only be my old professor. But she didn't teach that class. And she has a new baby. And I'm certain she knows I had no idea who she was. So I should drop her a quick email to show that I do. Now if only I knew who that was.

Kay. I'll elaborate before I jump the plane. Warning--mom doesn't have free wireless access so much as I may want to post, it won't happen until Wednesday if Monday morning sneaks up on me.

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