Wednesday, September 06, 2006

On the Road Again...

...I just CAN wait to get on the road again. least I get to meet all sorts of new people.

So if you are in any of the following areas--you should definitely be in touch as I have plenty of time to take folks out to lunch (hint/hint)! Especially if you might know a great scrap store...I mean...a good place to take pictures in town (smile).

That said, in order (I think) of appearance:

September: Philly and then Mississippi
October: West Texas and NM, Las Vegas, Chicago, Midwest (lots of random states), rest of TX
November: So Cali

Yippee~! I only work half days mostly while on the road and then have LOTS of time to play. Some trips I have photo assignments, some trips I have places to go for things I care about (ie, Mississippi I'm going to be doing some stuff for The Box Project--look it up folks...we need your help). But most trips, it's about me taking a moment to just chill... I found Microsoft Tasks. I'm. In. Love. Totally. Well...I am. Not with tasks per se, but they are cool. I already got to click stuff off the todo list! Yippee!

About ready to buy the Thanksgiving tickets--mom and sister and nephew coming back already. well, sister for the first time but the others back. I so am going to love this.

Time to go and eat. And ship. And create. And clean. And just veg out some already. I was way stressing life this morning. I had to take a step back from myself and say "honestly" already.



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