Sunday, November 19, 2006

Totally good weekend

so I slept most of it away. I don't feel sick and tired (obviously) but my word! In any event, some of the fun highlights:

Met with some really amazing women about a cause I am passionate about. Passionate in an interesting way though. In a way that most folks wouldn't believe or even begin to understand why. All I can say to that is "I get it" and if you take the time to would you.

Had sloppy joes last night. Totally simple, totally good. Totally LOVE it. Had asparagus and broccoli on the side. Now...growing up I hated vegetables...especially green ones. LOVE them now.

Got all three folks checked off my Christmas shopping list. The cute one gets lots of legos to spread among the chaos of his room back home. The so similar but so different one gets a GC to a place she'll love. Probably will also pick up a stack of mini somethings (they gotta be able to get it back in carry ons) too. And the one I love totally...she gets a purse...that I'm not sure is really her. But I can tell you that I found quite a few that were me and relatively inexpensive. But until I get back onto the girly kick and a bit more caught up in life (as in caught up enough to be able to "wear" purses as opposed to carrying one...difference being the coordination required to switch stuff out in a worn purse as opposed to the convenience of carrying one that always has the right stuff in it. Almost always.

Spent time with the bf. Fun time. And the weekend isn't even done yet.

Cowboys won! Cowboys WON! How's that first defeat of the season feel Colts? Only downer in this day of upsets was that the Seahawks lost. Ugggh.

Got a layout done. Really...this is major. I've been hacking away at photo books so intensely these past couple of weeks that I really enjoyed being able to get back to my layouts. Creativitiy. wanna see it? Over to B3 Designs you go.

Work even feels good. Although I know that I need to pass a particular prospect along. I'm almost certain the JD was only the in to being able to chat with me a quick moment. That sounds vain and full of myself, but I will assure you this: If *I* noticed the above, then it must have been blatantly obvious to all others since I NEVER notice that stuff. In any event, we had one very unique commonality that would be another of those "wow--I didn't know that about you B!" type moments. He was pleasantly surprised and so now wants to grab tea or something some time. Yeah...the "or something" cemented my thoughts on this that maybe I was over-reacting. I'm not.

Three more days and I wake up to a cutie nephew in my presence! So loving it.

So I suppose that is about it. Got to scrap, got to cross folks off the list, got to spend time with the BF, work is even good. And it just gets better. I like this aging thing! Almost 30...well and year and some days soon enough.

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