Wednesday, November 08, 2006

and then there was one... more night in a hotel room. more fair to do. last trip.

I am burnt out. As in I can hardly breath from the hacking fits and it even hurts to take deep breaths because my ribs seem very sore and bruised. This is to the point that I even want to go into my doctor. yeah...that bad.

But on good and happy notes!

Last night in a hotel room for this season. Last fair tomorrow morning. Get on a plane going home to the flooding (hopefully, there is still a home to go to) tomorrow evening and get to snuggle up to the man finally for good. All this and (forgive me the unforgiveable since I come from a heavy military background and...well...) I had forgotten that we get Friday off. I don't know...I've worked in higher educ so long with the weird extra holidays and the working "not PC" holidays that I can't keep em straight anymore. But I am so very happy I don't go in to work until Monday. My head hurts (probably from the paint fumes next door), my ribs hurt, my heart hurts (which is kinda odd...) but my spirits are well and better!

Not even 7 and I want to go and climb into bed with my Sweet Dreams pillow and crash out. Still not QUITE sure how my $19 VERY yummy shrimp diablo (although, admittedly, nothing has come CLOSE to the shrimp pasta at the SeaTac Marriott) came out to $30 but then who am I...not the math genius that's for sure.

Lots of notes on making these trips a lot cheaper next year. Here's to NOT having to drive 45 minutes to go 7 miles tomorrow morning and a howdy to the folks in Bel Air. Wow. All I can say is wow.

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