Thursday, January 11, 2007


Sometimes, I swear to God I hate blogger. Then I remember who I am. And I apologize to God. And I try to remember what I typed. I realize that my wit is fleeting and I just move on to recap.

Short of the story is such:

Ticket from Seattle to Beijing. Check

Ticket from Delhi to Seattle (via Houston). Check

And today…(gulp!!) driver/guide for trip, time to book it. Which means that we’re also going to have the ticket from Kathmandu to Delhi taken care of, the train tickets from Beijing to Lassa purchased and the trip of a lifetime will be on. I think that makes us officially “Chinese tourists”…with Tibet and Nepal guides thrown in for good measure (smile). Wow. Wow!

Never in all my life did I EVER think I would be going to Everest Base Camp. Aside from being disbelieving and totally scared to death, I’m also so psyched for all of the amazing pictures we’re going to get. Pictures like these:
Okay...I give up.
Pretend you can view really neat collage that took me all night to make.
Everyday I read essays from kids half my age going to all sorts of really neat places. Neat places I never dreamed I would ever go. I mean yeah, when I was little I was sure I would go to Africa at some point in my life. And it was crushing when that slipped through my hands last year. And it was so crushing when I thought this trip might slip through our hands this year. But through all the disappointments, life goes on and when it all boils down to it, I have a pretty amazing life. Absolutely amazing!

So, this deserves a list. Perhaps a list in pictures. Of the top ten places I absolutely want to visit before I die. Probably before I retire. Maybe even within the next ten years. Yeah, because next year this time, I’ll be writing about the amazing South Africa trip I’m about to take. Let’s mark those words.
Top Ten Places I want to visit
(sooner rather than later)
And here...this is where a really neat South Africa Collage would be.
You'll have to take my word on that too.
South Africa/Mozambique

Alaska Iditarod

Antarctica/South Pole

Middle East
Gaza Strip




Nova Scotia

New England, U.S.
*fall foliage season*

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