Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Ahhh...it feels so good to really be home. Not, "in house" house that looks like it should be in some design magazine, but actually home--with love.

So now I officially stay over there. I have a month to get my stuff transitioned and it is actually going okay. Got the bathroom and kitchen moved (impt things first) and have good chunks of the scrap room packed up. Speaking of which, with that whole moving sale, I've shipped off 4 large boxes and 2 small ones. Come Saturday, we'll go to week 2 prices and week 2 selection. Once I get it half together, I'll post pics of what the lucky first 4 got.

Other than that, just going to read like the Dicken's today--50 files during the day and 50 more tomorrow.

NYE was great! Went to Kianna Lodge and had some fantastic salmon (which is saying a lot cause I'm not much of a fan) in a great setting with a great guy. Had a little too much fun (smile), but that's why I love him. Sappiness over.

Well it's a rainy Seattle day (love it!) and I get to work out tonight and get lots done tomorrow. Resolution time!

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