Wednesday, January 31, 2007

So she says...

...that there is drama and a half going on. So she's persistent and she calls me. I so love that woman. I don't deserve a friend like her. Anyhow. So check to need to make phone calls there, but should get in touch with others. In particular, one other who emailed me out of the blue this week with some really awesome pictures. If I had the link handy, I'd highlight one of them on the shots fired blog. Alas, you are stuck with one of my crazy shots on that blog and some uploaded layouts. More digi stuff. And tonight I need to photograph my projects for diversity designs. So lots of updates on the "other" blogs. What to say on this one.

Totally tired lately. But lots to do. Should start making lists again and doing them. But in any event...for now...I'll leave you with this.

It is almost time to go. I so cannot wait until our trip. I'm almost all moved in here with the better half. Few more things here and there and a scrap/office that really needs some loving attention. But got quite a bit finished today. Including a decent shipment off to mommy. So cool bones there!

Okay. I'm saying not much important tonight. Update the scrap blog with some cool stuff and call it a night. More interesting updates to come including a bit of a breakdown of that list of 10 great places to visit. Coming sooN!

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