Friday, February 02, 2007

I tell ya...

I have some great friends. Just when I get in the pitty party and can't figure why "I don't have friends like that" I then get calls and emailes out the blue and realize that the reason why I don't have "friends" like that is because I'm lame and don't make the effort. Yet, I have such great friends. Great friends. Two in particular. One really in particular. She is the bomb! And she knows it. she cares so much and others just want to be difficult. If only we could all go through what she goes through and come out such the better.

Anyhow. So I heard that at a particular institute of higher learning, they are thinking of making promotions and hiring decisions contingent on credit checks. Which I think is utterly ridiculous for the particular institution that is thinking of this, and also for higher education in general. I don't know why, but I've just come to accept that in the big money jobs--banking/finance, law...etc, that a credit check will continue to have some of those fields looking...well...looking as they do. But in higher education--the great vast land of opportunity--to some, the poshest job on this planet with almost no pay, you're going to bar folks from doing better for themselves because they are living paycheck to paycheck working for next to nothing at your institution of higher education? That is crap. They had best be glad I don't write a column for the Olympian anymore. Best be glad.

Back to trying to download stuff. I mean, Ms. Peppy has some GREAT digi elements. Aside from having to paypal everything to partake, there is the issue of agonizingly SLOW downloads. Zip that stuff up already and make it easy on a sister already. Had a few more ideas for work to showcase on that other blog, but tomorrow is a scrap happy day. Well a scrap sad day given that we don't get to go and see eagles. I was thinking of doing my photography trip downtown instead, but I think I have a concept that will work better for the layout. At least given my analysis about what I get published and not, it will work better. We shall see. 65% later, those downloads maybe won't happen tonight.

Off to bloglines I go!

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