Friday, February 09, 2007 they shift.

So I'm a rule follower. I try to do unique things within the rules to bend them and be unique, but I pride myself in being able to figure out which are the ones to be bent and which are the ones, intent and all of the rule considered, to be followed.

Creating Keepsakes has a Hall of Fame contest. I kid you not. And I kid myself not, but that's a disucssion for the other blog. I bring it here only because yesterday, I spent about a good clip (okay...almost half a clip) sending that entry off via Fed Ex so it would get there before the deadline. The deadline (since OCTOBER!!) was February 10 by close of business. The business is in Bluffdale, UT and love scrapping though we might, I kinda figured that they wouldn't be in the office on Saturday for "official business" but maybe they'd make an exception and have someone accepting deliveries. But just to be sure, I went ahead and Fed Exed said entry to arrive by close of business today--Friday--just to be sure.

Well...about 20 minutes after I pulled out that half clip to pay and signed online I come to find out that they have EXTENDED THE DEADLINE. Which actually, is the nice thing to do. I'm just so friggin' mad with myself that I didn't call in sobbing asking them to please extend until Monday or accept a postmark so I wouldn't have to tap into my personal savings for the next round of rejection. lol

Alas. At least it will be there before the original deadline. At least some folks who had given up hope will have this weekend to finish tweeking out entries and get it in the mail. At least, I can hope, that they extended the deadline because they didn't have enough entries this year.

And at is almost 11:30 am which means that I get to go and have pho. I love pho. Hate chicken noodle soup. But I get a veggie broth, tofu version--maybe even with Shrimp is so to die for. And the mushroom spring rolls. It's Friday. I figure if I JUST ate that all the time, maybe I could do a Subway type commercial over the weight I lost. But, alas, I love my HW vanilla cream soda. And my snickers Ice Cream bars. Which I think I need another box of. And I love, love, LOVE me some extra crunchy peanut butter on green apples. And blue cheese. No, not on the apples. Although that is a thought...hmmm...pears with warm walnuts and blue cheese with balsamic vinegar. I'm so hungry and this has digressed into a blog about what I'm eating for lunch instead of what I paid to ship off three sheets of cardstock and this is just so not good. So not good at all.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, good on you for giving HOF a go! I am always too chicken and end up watching the fun from the sidelines. BTW, welcome to MC!

-Kelly W, NannyPea, MaryCroppins