Sunday, February 18, 2007


I know. You miss me. And I should devote my life to telling total strangers (and not so strange stalkers) all about my daily musings. From dinner to Vday to Nebraska and everything in between. You have to know it all. And I've neglected you. How will I ever take over the world if I continue on this pace? That was an emotional/mental breakdown for PF Changs thank you so much. much going on in life. So much that I, madame tell the world all my stuff and archive it for all future generations to see, couldn't find the time to get online. So you know what this means. Yes, my ever faithful. It means a list. That I will promise to come back and update but never will. That will be cryptic and not even understood by me when I come back and try to follow through on my promise, but alas. It is the effort that counts no? Maybe I'll sneak some of my better half's chocolate. I don't think he'll notice since he's busy with the fun dips and all and we can't let good chocolate go to waste. And it IS such a chore to go all the way downstairs to rescue the leftover PF Changs...or the last snickers ice cream bar for that matter. Yeah I'm fat (well, it IS all relative, but no I ain't big bonededed, that is for sure so lately I've likened to calling it "fat" which is not necessarily a bad unhealthy thing yes, but the boys seem to like where the fat is ending up...well the one boy that matters...and I'm so totally digressing I just might find myself on another post. See...this is why though I'm not a big fan of chocolate, even IT is driving me crazy right now.)


Score for the fat chick! He still had some of his vday heart cowchip. How that can ever be a leftover...I don't know. I rescued it. And there is a great piece of English Toffee on my desk now. Not chocolate, but coated in this rich chocolate with macadamia (sp?) nuts. Oh this is heaven.

But that list...yeah, I'll come back and get to it. I promise *wink*

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