Thursday, January 04, 2007

Oh goodness...

Oh goodness. Yep, that about sums it up. Totally swamped at work with reading. Totally swamped at home with packing. Totally have things I'd rather be doing (scrapping with my kit, back to my artists salons, taking pictures...seeing eagles...curling up with him).

So anyhow. And then what. Then she said...okay.

I kinda like being this domestic diva. Cleaning the house. Cooking dinner. Going to work. Going to meetings with truly inspirational women. Going out tomorrow night to a gallery show. Staying in night after and bbq'ing as we watch pitiful Bernadette's tem number 1 take on pitiful Bernadette's team number 2. But all that is great but still not enough.

My word for the year (scrappers shall know what I'm talking about) is:


Imagine that (smile). Which means I have to go and purchase something real quick. And I finally got my lovely gift for the bf. Now if his santa gift to himself would come, we would have a nice little happy home. Back to finish dinner.

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