Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Ready for next Christmas...

...I mean really. Our neighbors, across the way, the ones where we can see straight into their aqua blue living room because...well...it's aqua blue and maybe also because we don't really have curtains or blinds on that window (it is a HUGE window...and we like the lighted look...yeah. Roll with it). Anyhow...they don't have any qualms with plugging in their Christmas tree every night. Yes. Their Christmas tree. As in it is January 16, halfway through the first month of the new year, and they still have their tree up. And lit up. They still have the spirit. I think it's cute!

Almost as cute as the little kids we saw at Ikea waving goodbye to their Christmas tree. It was sad. It made me want to have kids. So that I could carry around a camera. Catch them doing something like that but not have my camera on me and then make them stage the scene again. Hey...just being a good scrapbooker and all (smile).

So much to talk about...so little time. And I should have pictures eh? Let's see if the new blogger will let me insert them at the right places...
So nope...I still have to be thoughtful about where I'm going to place my pictures. But in any event, that picture of me is not about me saying "I'm the stuff, check me out." No, alas.
Out the woods. That is what is going on right now (or, write now, as I almost wrote). See...I'm absolutely determined to do this. Not quite yet sure what "this" is, but I do know I spent like $80 today on part of this here "this" so...really, I need to focus. This is multifaceted. It has to do with the job, the home, the love, the life. And it all needs to be done now. As I look up from the laptop and see him. As I avoid email and that. As I wonder what in the world I'll do tomorrow when I don't have to work. As I contemplate how I'm going to drop that off next week--especially if we're still in the midst of snow days.
Maybe it won't be so slick tomorrow and I can make it to the old place and get the last of the scrap stuff and post it on ebay. Another "now" thing. That would be some great pictures to post. Coming soon...I promise!
I think a written list is in order, but I'll be criptic about it and then I won't know what the hell I was talking about when I check back in on it so I'm going to move on from here and post pictures to the other two blogs. Shots fired...so many challenges and here I sit on many a photo. Really. Then on the scrap site...really have to get a few projects up. Been working on lots of stuff (mostly digital). Some I love, some I don't but everyone has their own opinion so...
Till tomorrow comes.

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