Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Simmer Down Already

Really now. I have about 9 requests to process for the wedding blog. I promise, soon as we actually get hitched (or you get a save the date, whichever comes first...I'm thinking hitched given the save the date drama for your mama), I'll add readers to the blog. Yeppers, you have to be a reader to read it. Yeppers, you have to have a google account (or, technically, you can read as a guest for 30 days). All the details you care to know will be there. For those coming, access info will be on your save the date. For those just loving the vibe (I gotcha Texas T!) the access info will come on your announcement. All the pictures, bloggin' and good lovin' you could ever want to know about after that hot mess of a day. And just FYI...we don't have a "wedding block" at the hotel, but before you reserve said hotel, note that there are a couple of major events in town this summer that are jackin' rates up. So I did as any mariott/hilton/super traveler would do and went ahead and reserved like 16 rooms. Might do 4 more but given the size of the guestlist and the fact that you are all grown people who loves them "the internets" and you know how to use some Priceline...I think 16 rooms should be plenty.

Promise. No more wedding babble. Until I feel like it again since, well, it is my blog and all. You totally know I'm messin' with you right? Besides, I can better keep track of the details in one place here rather than trying to find my threads on the boards again and keep up with comments and questions. I never said I wasn't lazy.

So today. I already have my photo to post for today. Took it on the way to work. Which reminds me that there is another photo on said card that I also need to post...maybe for tomorrow because the one for today is really a sight for sore eyes. But then again, so is the other. I know...such a tease. I'll update the photo blog tonight at like 0-dark-thirty. Don't hold me to that.

Oh yeah Brian...so does hell go with no?! L, stop laughing at me. See, we just started to do spring travel again at work--recruiting for the Fall of 2009 already. REally. REALLY. Anyhow...I get to go to SFO which I LOVE (obviously) but today I got asked if I wanted to switch it up. I thought I might be suckered into Texas. Which, the more I think about it, the more okay I am with that because I could probably scrounge up the funds to go see my cutie nephew who my heart goes out to right now. Long story short, he was in the 5th grade for all of 8 weeks but basically shut down so there was some drastic educational intervention going on there. And they just diagnosed him ADD and they want to medicate him and they think he's...anyhow...I'm tearing up thinking about it. And also about my little brother who's going through some stuff. But like I said early this year...just hoping I have the strength to carry folks close to me through a lot of the stuff they're going to be hit with this year. Anyhow...so no, they were not trying to get me out to Houston.

They were trying to get me to that unspeakable place. Which really isn't so bad EXCEPT FOR the fact that I was just down that way for Christmas. And once you stay at a desert resort, really, there is just nothing else that will do and so no amount of bribery was going to make it a pleasant trip to erase the memories of Christmas. I know it is not everyday that folks pass up So. Cali and I'm not trying to knock my SiSters down south that I'd love to come and see. But really...I ain't lost nothing in LA and so Brian (and L), I ask again "does hell go with no?" I didn't think so. So San Fran it is.

I need to book those flights and hotel like today (or so) so if you're up for getting together for good meals, good laughs and good fun, hit me up so that I can plan accordingly. Last fall's travel season was an absolute BLAST to get to meet people I "know" online in actual real live flesh. I still need to post all those pictures huh? Yeah I know...such a slacker. I blame it on the "Cowboy fever" going around...maybe I need to go to Mexico for some cheap drugs to cure that. Yes. Why yes I am very bitter.

I think that is all of substance (or not) that I have to say about right now. I will now go back to reading personal statements about mission trips to Detroit and marathon/crew training and how baseball is a metaphor for law school.

Yeah. Really. Maybe I'll get to scrap a couple of pages tonight. Maybe not.

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