Sunday, January 27, 2008

I love that guy

You know...the one i live with? And since it is Sunday and we should be happy and content, here are ten reasons why I'm feelin' him this week:

* he knows exactly where all 15 are missing from (smile)
* "I think I saw your brain walking around outside trying to get back in..."
* deep analysis of U2 the band during U23D...I mean, Christian Rock? who knew??
* he lets me drive the heavy THAT is love I tell ya
* he would so go out and buy that hideous duvet cover JUST to get a laugh out of me
* he's going to get that million dollar coverage asap so that we're safe and covered on the cruise (smile)
* he ventures into my scrap room every now and again to make sure I'm still with the living
* though he jokes about wire hangers, he'll put his money where his mouth is and be down for the cause
* the boy can work a spreadsheet like no other...such a turn on (smile)
* baby pictures...lots of them. Now he wants to see mine...fair enough trade I suppose

1 comment:

lara said...

sounds like a lovely guy. :D

btw - u2 were at the beginning a Christian Rock band and almost broke up because bono and edge wanted to be christian rock and live that lifestyle touring and adam and larry did not.

i'm glad they didn't break up!