Saturday, January 19, 2008

It really is just Saturday | 6 more months

And already we're boring each other to death. This is going to be a loooooong weekend (smile).

Finally went and got the TIRES fixed (yes, that is 3, not 1 plural). Something about not being hood rich and ghetto fabulous. But I'll be damned if that was not a lot of money.

As I was thinking "Good LORD that is a lot of money" Mr. Eagle eye got lucky. No, not that kind of lucky...that's for married people. Which we will be in oh...EXACTLY 6 MONTHS TO THIS DAY. At this time. Gulp. It is getting a bit real there. But I digress. He's lucky like that. Almost (but not quite) as lucky as I am, but still.

Next...replace the windshield for I'm sure something like $499 and then get a brake job. Uhhhgg...I wish we'd just go and buy that mercedes already. Yeah. Really.

Last night was fun. As you can tell, I was a bit exhausted by the end of it, but we watched My Super Ex Girlfriend (the shark scene was over the top...I don't care WHAT EM say about that!), got beat on the last question at Scene It and had some really really REALLY yummy Margaritas. That were like 5 points each. Ouch. But I have weekly points so I say we live it up and I'll beg him to make me some more tonight. I want to say I saw some Tecate going into the blender. good. trust me.

Today, I slept way too much. So I'll be tempted to stay up all night. but I cannot do that. I need to look up some cool places to look through downtown because we're going to early services until say 9:30. Then we have caucus training at 10. far as I can tell, there are no precint leaders (or caucuses for that matter) in my neighborhood so I'll probably get sucked into that. But FWHC is also going to do another Happy Hour for Choice so I need to make sure not to overextend myself. Since, technically, I think I am Secretary/Vice Chair or some such for them. Right.

Tonight...time for dinner in 2 minutes. Hanging out. Loving on him and long weekends of lots of him. Next week should be interesting for a whole lot of reasons. But right now, I'm going to remind him that it really is just 6 more months (smile). He'll get a kick out of that.

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Michelle McGee said...

Ah, soulmate... I'm hearing you...