Saturday, January 26, 2008

Shush your mouth girl...

So. One a month is NOT enough. Because then I end up w/garblygooblygook thoughts such as:

Cyanide. Why you ashamed? Sexy dark. More and more beautiful everytime. You mean REALLY kill someone or just say it? "I understand that black people can be scarry, but they are people too." [classic!] This ain't my first rodeo and could you get mint flavored spray next time? Gotta give me more than a color, I need a fabric too (which, I'm slow, I know but hot damn if she can't make a quick buck there really). "Family" weddings with Uncle "What your name is...are you he cheat on him?" (or, in my case, Uncle F who really is saying "fork" not...well...anyway...). Contingency wedding party plans for those who "might be detained" and unable to stand up for you after all. packin' heat. makin' change up on the stage. cemetaries, churches and video cameras. man capris. the cheerleader, the village idiot, the holy roller and Dr. Q medicine woman. shread that shit. just left me high and dry before, I'd make sure you didn't work in this here town (or any other) ever again. The comical, the daily zero and small town mayordome all to write press releases. he makes more in bonus than we make a year. heck she makes more than you and I make combined. he got his own frying pans up in this here thing. now did you REALLY run out of brownies? cause it's 6 o'clock and we've been here since 4:30 and we ain't seen no one have a brownie yet today. Kevlar corsets. Do you want that baby up in there to see his mama? Did I say I wanted ranch? Oh hey V man! Oh wait...he kickin' people out...whoa now...we don't know him. You'll get your damn point! Be the old man up in the club. Big White...I got your back! Remember black lavendar? My True Love. Worse than that. Oh yeah worse than that too. Oh wait now...that there is a tossup. We were all wondering how he ended up with a girl like that. She's gonna be in a world of hurt when he leaves--just make sure he takes the life jacket with him just in case. Oregon and Alaska...what it do about it? He gotta lay the pipe AND be paid and he can't be half bad looking either for it to last that long.

My eyeballs are STILL welling up from last night. I so so SOOO needed that and V thanks for making an appearance...cell phone and all. I know this post will frustrate the hell out of most folks who read this, but if you've read long enough, you know my brain goes into sensory overload after hanging with Ms. Two "i" Liisa and this garbled transmission is only to be expected on the hungover morning after. Didn't have a drop of hard liquor (and you know I don't drink that nasty other stuff), but DID have a pear champagne sorbet for desert ( brownies no more Plenty) that went down aight.

Today...back to "normalcy". U23D tonight...after pizza and drinks here first. Get to see the old roommate again and shoot heckfire and save matches if my dear pal A didn't come back out the woodworks. Girl if you work at my school you know you're dead wrong. This invite list is growing like wildfire. Gotta tame that today.

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