Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Swolled up

Yeah. Not swollen. But swolled up. That would be my throat. What does cyanide poisoning feel like?

I digress. Welcome new readers...more like readers who had my blog addys a whole long while ago but it took minty fresh rodeo spray for them to actually check on in. I ain't mad at ya (smile).

Since I'm about to pass out from the heat (or the dizziness...or the lack of oxygen getting to my brain through the swolled up windpipe), I'ma hit you with some interactive wedding planning as promised last night.

Help a sister pick out a do yeah? Yeah. Since I'm on live writer and have not yet explored how to insert polls, if I pass out after finishing this entry, but before posting the poll, kick back. It will be right over there ------> Oh wait.

<------------------------- there.

The choices:

(there are 12 of them...you can pick more than one in the poll...we'll do a round two with the top 3 vote getters):

hair 1 hair 2 hair 3 hair 4 hair 5 hair 7 hair 6 hair 8 hair 10 hair 9 hair 11 hair 12

Simple numbering...1-3 top row, 4-6 second row, 7-9 third row and 10 - 12 bottom row. All pics from http://www.blackhairmedia.com/. You have until this Friday the 1st of Feb, come back and vote as often as you would like. And because I like them all, I have to check on the dress first, but I can at least 60% say with certainty that I'll likely do the do that you pick. So have fun with it!

Back to my deathbed.

***UPDATE*** Polls don't like more than 5 choices so instead, leave a comment with your choices. Sorry about that. When we narrow it to three...we'll then do a poll.

***UPDATE 2 - the Dress - *** Not sure on the dress yet. I was thinking more sleek, modern, evening gownish styling (think pageantish dress), but I think what would really knock him over would be something more regal/royal...not necessarily "princess", but not pageant. I know...kinda confusing. I agree that some of the styles are more pageant, others more "regal/princess" and because I'm having a heck of a time settling on one or the other, the suggestion to look at accessories, makeup and hair that really calls to me was suggested as a way to break the impasse. So...bit backward, BUT I gotta try something if I want to have something to wear. We have decided on a date finally...if only our church would definitively agree with it (smile) Fun times!


moonlightgrrl said...

i like 10 & 11... so depending on the dress, these are my choices :)

SIStv: moonlightgrrl

Maggie said...

I vote for the lady in the chartreuse dress, 1st column 3rd row.
When is the big day?

Karen said...

It would help if we had an "idea" of what your dress looks like, some of these are pretty classic and some pretty modern. I realize you don't want to post your dress, but something similar would be helpful. I like the tribal styles best but they won't look good with a more traditional dress. I don't like the buffont, diana ross & the supremes behives, but hey its not my head :)

Lori said...

Love lots of choices!!

I like 1, 7 and 11. It was hard for me to narrow it down to just 3!!

Hope your feeling better soon!!!

Christine said...

Sooo, I went to the site, and there are some waaayyyy cute short styles, that eventhough it would mean cutting your hair, would look great with your face shape, Neat and close and slick, with style that will go with everything. You have to be careful, to much hair around your face will give you "fat head", you are pretty young so you want to avoid "older" styles, your man is into hip and sheik so I would definately look at some of the short styles as an option. Nothing you posted really "Hits" me as being what would look good on you.

Liz said...

So here's what you do, I swear it works like a miracle. You get some Theraflu-plus citrus flavor, and some grand marnier (yes the orange flavored brandy is exactly what I am saying) and some honey.

You mix up the theraflu put in a shot of brandy and a tablespoon of honey. Get a good book, go to bed, sleep like a baby and wake up a new person.

I swear!!! I had the same thing about a week ago.

melissa said...

i personally like #7...so elegant and beautiful.

Gillian said...

I'm going for 7!! That ones fabulous :)

karen said...

Ok so here are some gowns, I used this site when I was looking for mine. since we are both, ummm well built women, ya thats it, sort of conservative and sort of not, I thought something similar to what I wore might be appropriate. My pick for you is the one I marked you would look tre-fab in it with a very short sleek hairstyle and some pearls, definately pearls.




this was my gown of choice

karen said...

Check this, absolutely perfect


and for the bridesmaids


keeps your color ideas rolling

Tara said...

1, 2, or 7.

Feel better!!!

Stephanie Baxter said...

I like 2 and 7 best.

Tracey said...

I like 7 & 10 ... but it really depends on the dress as to what will look the best.

Toni said...

I really like 11!

Liz said...

So I realized I was all caught up in the ill'n and forgot to vote for the hair...

7 is good but 11 is better...

Michelle McGee said...

I like #2 and #9 for you!

gretchenowens said...

i like #7 & #11....they are very cute!

can wait to see what you choose!

Kate said...

I am all about #9...classic and beautiful. So excited for you!!!

Michelle McGee said...

So??? Which one won?