Thursday, January 31, 2008

Updates abound... some stuff to do today and will probably update again later today but...first things first.

Got a lot of emails lately about the Obama post. If you're finding me through that, welcome. That post is HERE.

Yes, we have a wedding date for this year. No the save the dates have not yet gone out. It will be in Seattle.

All promised RAKS (except your's Gi) have gone out, let me know if you didn't get postal mail from me you were expecting.

No I'm not going to CHA this year, but will be there in spirit with my Fgirls and am sending stuff along for the October Afternoon and Impression Obsession booths. Stop by, say hello to the crews and make sure no one takes off with my stuff. Like you don't know what I'm talking about.

I still love grits and cornbread. I just have not had any since I became an almost married woman. Probably about 9 months before that. Jackson, MS...shrimp and grits. I'll research the restaurant but that place was the bestest grits I done ever had in my whole LIFE. Sorry granny.

PROMISE. To make those calls. Pinky swear I still love ya'll.

Sorry I haven't been good about commenting on the comments. That said, one more day to get your votes in for the do by going to this post HERE and making your selection (choose as many as you like) to make it to the final round of three.

Till later. Work the whole day today...try not to annoy the heck out of everyone with the hack. Thankfully, don't really have to speak cause I still don't have a voice. Well...a talking voice.


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Liz Beth said...

so did you use the stuff? works don't it.