Monday, January 21, 2008

How is it...

...that I managed to have Sim City 4 installed on my laptop, but NOT iTunes?  I searched in vain, it is just not there.  And since I've yet to hook up speakers to my desktop, that means I get to download and install iTunes to my fourth computer.  Which is a bit concerning because I think you only get to install and sync to like 5 computers in a lifetime on an ipod.  No matter...I wanted an iPhone anyhow.  Or maybe just a video ipod.  Okay...I really don't need or want either of them...I'm fine with itunes and my ipod.  But right now I really want to be listening to some music and I just can't believe how jacked up my priorities were to have had installed SC4 a LOOOOONG time ago (cause I ain't played that game in like...2 years...well...I installed it a lot more recently than that with the hopes of finding the time to play but it is a strategy | builder game and I clearly don't have the time to think strategically.

Anyhow.  Had some yummy pho.  Washed the hair (a lovely ordeal, but so silky soft now), waiting on itunes to download and about to post my ATCs from some of my fave rockstar gals in the world on a wall in my space so that I can see them and smile always.  Then there is this bin of stuff I should do.  And save the dates that I just uploaded and now have to order ( get what you pay for...and since I paid nothing last time, I got nothing...thanks VistaPrint). Oh and I need to block more rooms at the hotel since clearly, there are people who are bringing people who will be bringing people.  I told him he should be very afraid that:

1.  There will be black folks, people of color and some negroes at our wedding.  Be very afraid of the last.

2. I don't even know the half of the "and guests" coming along and the bar tab will be the LEAST of our worries.

3. Maybe kids would be a safer bet after all.

Anyhow...finally got the iTunes up so I guess I'll go be productive.  But first...procrastination inspiration for today:

Loving Karla's journals. Also loving how she is making me have kid-envy. Does not hurt that she has some great wedding ideas too. He always takes me back to my activist days w/thought provoking posts.

That's three goods ones for you.  And if you need a list of good listens:

On my iTunes Party Shuffle right now:

Slap (Explicit - just an angry brother)- Ludacris

Still Fly (Explicit - bit hood thug fun)- Big Tymers

I Tried (Explicit - just a sad brother)- Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

This is Why I'm Hot (Explicit - just more hood thug fun) - Mims

Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol

We Ride (I see the future) - Mary J Blige

On the Hotline (Explicit - dirty DIRTY) - Pretty Ricky

Outta My System - Bow Wow

I'm a Flirt (Main Version - as in not Sirius music version) - R Kelly, T.I and everyone else's mama

Gigolo - Nick Cannon and that dirty old man

Rodeo (Explicit - Dirtier than dirty) - Juvenile

Don't Say - Jon B

Throw Some D's (Explicit - more hood music) - Rich Boy

Money in the Bank (Explicit - little bit of everything) Lil Scrappy

Like a Boy - Ciara

Rock Yo Hips (Explicit - dirty naughty stuff) - Crime Mob

The Way I live (Explicit - hood anthem) - Baby Boy Da Prince

Make Me Better (Explicit - but DAMN this is my SONG!) - Fabolous

Promise - Ciara

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Nikki said...

There is an old russian saying "be careful how you mix your life" it means, putting certain people in the same room at the same time NOT such a good idea.

You might rethink the guest list using this principal.

For this reason, my husband and I just "run'd off and did it" because the thought of having to deal with all those "mixes" was just way to much for us to handle. As both of us are from fairly conservative families the B/W thing not so good.