Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lord Help Me please...

...17 down. 43 to go. I just can't even...all the sameness, all the blandness, give a girl some diversity already. If I have to read about how trying out for the baseball team and not making it one year and trying again the next means that I'd automatically make an excellent attorney...I just might have to gouge my own eyeballs out. Someone. Anyone. I can't wait to read a creative personal statement, perhaps from a scrapbooker, from someone "different" that lights my fire. That makes me say "Yeah, her definitely!"

But in the meantime, I have 43 more aps to go through tonight and I hope to dear sweet Jesus that SOMEONE feels that they are more than an Eagle Scout with a past DUI who's hardest obstacle in life has been getting over his father's loss of a job 15 years ago that forced him to go out and work his way through college. Interesting. But once you read that for the 37th time in one month, not so unique anymore.

Gotta love rolling admission.

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