Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Talk about it | Testify

So much to say, so little time. Gotta get to work so I'll write it, then post it on break. That said, it is time to testify.

Things that make me feel really good right now:

That Sister: Yep. The one doing her thing in the coveralls and mittens this morning? I couldn't help it. Didn't think twice. Rolled down the window, turned down the T Man show and had to hollar out like I was back in the country "Doing good sister!". The wave and the head nod back was just that solidarity that started the day off right.

Those boxes. Both of them. One for T and one for C. Winging their way to Chi-town (which, I love more and more everyday) and to...Missouri. Which I have not been to in over a year, but liked well enough. Except for MCI and the nazi chair sitter who barked out orders about what size baggie your liquids could fit into and then proceeded to throw everything off balance by picking on perfectly innocent citizens that just needed a dab of hair gel. Oh but it could have been worse. Could have been College Station, TX where they won't let a sister carry on a hotel sized mini of lotion if it won't fit in the baggie. Even if you step aside and start to use it up before you get on the plane. Long story. Another time. But that reminds me, hey B what's up? Spring recruiting anyone??

That point. I used to ride the bus. A lot. Probably why I almost refuse to do it now. But I digress. On the bus. When drivers for the long haul routes ("express" busses here but only because they don't stop at every poll in between Oly and Seattle on the way) would pass each other, they'd point. Or tip their head. They'd acknowledge each other in some fashion. I don't know why, but I guess that sense of brotherhood always made me smile. (brotherhood cause most of the drivers were guys who happened to be brothers). Today, on my way to work, I saw the brown truck drivers do it. UPS brotherhood in full effect too. I've never seen the FedEx guys do it. Go figure.

Things that Make me Wonder:

Crossing the Street Don't be scared. I wonder why a brother walking up to me to ask if I have a gas can or 3.75 for some gas would feel the need to preface his comments with "Excuse me sister [pause: walking up to me], oh, don't be scared, I just have a question for you." First and foremost, I'm not scared of my brothers. Secondly, don't he know I just lost 8 and I could outrun his ass? Thirdly, I'd especially outrun him since he'd be on the ground wiggling about in pain if he even tried to bring it. I know a guy's "sensitive spots" because KA channelled her "how to be safe from the cable guy" energies my way. You totally have to read her blog. It is a good start to any day. She's a little bit country, a lot bit "great hair" and one of the funniest people I know. And she doesn't mind when you laugh "with her". Really. Talk about digressions.

My Left Hand Inner Conflicts: So I saw Blood Diamond. And vowed in the moment to never own a diamond. All things considered and all, I rock a pretty fab one on my left hand now. Talk about conflict. But for years now, I've had this inner conflict and turmoil because my left wrist/hand is worth more than all I've ever owned in all my life. I liken it to straddling the line--poor girl hits the lotto or something. Though I didn't...just worked at being me and came out this way. And that conflicts me. I think Kanye about sums it up, having money ain't everything, not having it is. So having to sit back and think about what "having" and "not having" means is taking a toll on me.

Timing: Particularly how just when I think I have the stuff on lock, it goes off and does something funky on me. Take last night. I'm notorious for not getting back on email, not following through with well-deserved thank you notes...the usual stuff. Yet I have folks in my life who will call me on it and not hate about it. Like Ms. Thang down south who can make any ONE of my days tremendously better by calling out the cheerleaders and holy rolers she works with in a simple, succint, sweet email that lights my world. And T...bless his soul, who drives all the way to Ithaca for nostalgic purposes...and always manages to write me like once every 2-3 years just to remind me that 10 years ago, I was just becoming a girl. Impecable those two.

And it all means:

Throwback Moodiness: Do you remember at what point in Boys in the Hood you cried? Was it when they threw Ricky up onto the plastic of his mama's couch with her all screaming about the mess? Was it when Furious was twirling the silver balls wondering who had up and done it now? I don't recall crying to that movie, I must admit. But that was the conversation today on the T Man show. So I got all nostalgic...thinking of that movie...of Aaliyah, Step Up 2...sigh. So much time has gone by. Step Up 2 reminds me that I wanted to watch that MTV hip hop thing. Yeah...helpful. It was too far out for me to set it in Tivo. That I remember.

Getting Back on the Horse: I did 8 last week. Was really primed and set to do it again this week. Then there was chinese take out. And pizza. And Nordstrom's cafe. Really now. I can do this. I know I can. Still down even more, but not as much and that is a shame. By the time engagement shots are taken, I'll be on lock. That's a promise. Especially since I have a special little surprise up my sleeve for that and all. I've got connections and all (smile).

Oh Shoot...I ran out of #3: And you know this kills me to not have that "balance" in my life. Alas. I do have one more tidbit to discuss, but it is going on the scrap blog. See you there!

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