Tuesday, November 04, 2008

O. Yes. We. Did!

Robert keeps asking me if I'm okay. I still just can't believe it. Absolutely can't believe that we seriously just elected our first black President. Not when I was 80. Not when I was in my mid life. But when I was young enough to still be hopeful, but guarded because you know...I've hoped that hope before.

Wow. Wow!

We did it! You did it. I wish my grandmother were here to do it too. I love you mom. Love you Crystal and David too. And Quantae. And so many folks not wanting to be named. Thanks for putting up with me when I forgot birthdays, took forever to get thank you notes out and didn't return calls for months on end. Thank you for indulging my "your people and my people" hour long educational sermons. Thank you for letting me dream about doing the unthinkable and then doing it - I quit my job and took the time to immerse myself in this before moving on to the next pasture.

Wow. Did I say wow already?

The only other things I wish?

I wish that one of those southern states had gone blue. So that all those folks (you know who I'm talking about) who finally felt safe enough to care and get up and go out and vote...would have felt the full force impact that when they participate, the results are real and tangible. For the record, it still counts - you're part of that mandate.

I wish that we would remember that the demise of "publicly financed campaigns" was NOT a bad thing. That if it takes non-public financing for ordinary everyday people to give $5 or $20 at a time and to be so involved that they'll actually turn out to vote? I'm okay with that kind of Public Financing of Presidential Campaigns.

And I wish that voting was as easy as possible. Meaning, don't try to trick and intimidate and discourage people from feeling like I do tonight. Win it fair and square. And I don't mean quibble over who isn't eligible to vote because of some arcane rules you set up way back when you were still trying to keep certain folks from voting. I mean win it FAIR and SQUARE.

I love that the world was watching. And I know she was too. She stepped right back down here tonight for one brief hug--well two. I wish I would have gotten her name. But when she grabbed me and held on tight. And then I had to ask her for one more hug for granny. I about lost it. And because I'm blurring up here...I'ma leave it at that.

Thank you America. Thank you America.

Yes we did!


Tamany said...

Congratulations to us all. It is however important to make sure you understand one thing. Barack Obama is about as black as Robert. The color of ones skin, does not define who they are, and his being black only worked as long as he didn't "act" black. The biggest critisism he got came after he and his wife knuckle bumped, its a black thing..... I think it is important to remember that this man was elected NOT because he was black. But because he is what the college and the banking comission want at this time. Its all subject to change however, all he has to do is act black, 1 day in office, and they will turn on him. You can delude yourself into believing that he is the great black hope, but more importantly you should listen to what he says and his demeanor. He is painfully aware that if he slips up one time, he's toast. I have high hopes, for healthcare and a quick end to the war, I do not however delude myself into thinking that just because history was made on one day, that the world will change forever.

I saw the wall come tumbling down, I saw the towers tumble to the ground. None of these things changed the world, just ripples in the pond. People still kill people in the name of God. People still kill people because their skin is a different color. Most importantly people still fear the unknown.

Fear is what this country is built on... never underestimate its power.

Be happy, in the moment, but be practical. It didn't really change a thing. Just the face has changed.

Time will tell.

ChrisS said...

Yes you did! The entire world celebrates with you. This is huge, this is great, congratulations!