Wednesday, November 12, 2008

From 52 to 48

I totally LOVE THIS SITE (in case you skip titles, it is a link to From 52 to 48).

When I was looking it up, I came across another site (that I won't link) from a 48er who is a bit...well...yeah.

That particular other place reminds me of that ex. You know...Liisa...the ones who mourn that they don't have a plumber around anymore? No, not Joe (the Plumber), but the ones that lay pipe? is November. Which means the floods have come to Seattle. And now that I work over there, it is a whole lot more real. And sad. Even though I personally didn't see any blocked roads.

I didn't wake up sore, but I'm told he woke up to me clinging to the side of the bed for dear life. Small price to pay for answers that come in your sleep.

Anyhow...I was scrapping tonight and just wanted to remember to send an email and post that link so that I could come back to it years from now.

Planning a special surprise for this weekend (because he's a bit busy right now and doesn't check in here I can hint at half birthdays and all), trying to get addresses down right (I'm working on it) and need to send a fruit bouquet to an old lady and...oh yeah...drama! Of the baby mama sort. Sometimes, I wake up, and I think to myself "really? Is this really my life?" It really is kinda cool to be with someone who can laugh about craziness like this with me.

More to come in a scrapbook page near you sometime soon I'm sure.

July 10, 2009. I want to go see 2012. Mostly because of the Everest images I just saw (I so want to go back there and yes, yes I did finally look up the pod casts from heck...think I'll play some of those now). But also because I love end of the world kind of movies and think it is interesting that now that we are actually in 2008 (only 4 years before said 2012) it still just seems so surreal and sci-fi that we're all 20 anything.

A little closer in time, I'm going to go see Bolt this weekend (I have a crush on the hamster though I just saw a trailer with the pigeons so maybe they are my new faves). In 3D dude! After Sushi. Okay. Maybe no sushi so that we can hit the casino. Honestly, I'm not a big animated flick fan but I LOVE how into them he gets. I can't wait to have kids with him (smi.le).

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