Monday, November 10, 2008


Withdrawal. Both of us. Just trying to figure out what in the heck there is to do now that there isn't really anything much interesting going on with Talk Right radio for him, depressed that there isn't a new and exciting development to read. Taking every fiber of my being to not crack open my three mags with photos and "how he did it" stories. I'm saving them. Four years from now, I'll open them with the white glove treatment. I like to look back on things after the fact and see who was precient and who was just off target.

Precient. My better half is such a friggin' analyst. He called just about every state for which way it would swing (and didn't get emotional and give away AZ and GA like I did), called the pop vote margin, calling (still waiting) the senate pick ups...I love watching his brain work.

Then he went to watch football this weekend. With some folks that are just...well...yeah. I ask him all the time how in the world he does it. He is such a study in contrasts--from hanging out on the couch with me watching movies to pub crawls he just is so very much his own set of split personalitites. I LOVE that about him.

Anyhow. I'm a bum. So much so that I've got money to spend on clothes (way too much of it) and I promptly (well, with some urging) called up a personal shopper and said "here are my measurements, Michele Obama me".

Seriously, where she get her hair did cause this girl here is LONG overdue for a half a straightcomb. Or something.

But really. I need to step it up a kick. I got it in my closet, but instead of buying seasonally and not taking care of stuff, I've gotta start dressing like I have a real job and am married to a dude with a real job. so. Weekend shopping trip. Paid for. But then go win some more at the Casino after looking at houses (gotta keep our eyes on the goal or I might buy a whole LOT more clothes that I'll never wear) and maybe steppin' toe into the CK Convention. Maybe.

He's home. Time to go pour him a glass of milk (smile).


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