Wednesday, February 20, 2008

101 Things to love about life

Inflation instead of a recession.  Go figure eh?  So if we have 3 straight days of blue skies, does that mean spring is really here?  Or is it just global warming? In honor of not wearing wool coats in February, a list of things to love about life. Sure, some are tongue in cheek but really...

1. While I’m at a standoff as of late, I had to do nothing more than write down what I ate – every day – to lose 20 pounds.

2. the Seattle PD Parking Enforcement Unit is NOTHING like the Philly Parking Wars folks.

3. those people, who stand in line in front of you with no idea how to order at Starbucks are actually giving you a moment to slow down and enjoy the fact that you can even afford to be in a Starbucks nowadays.

4. I can rock it sometimes, but lately, I’m Ms. Bum. And I’m okay with that.

5. My adorable nephew actin’ all wild and being a hot mess in the background when I’m on the phone with my mom.

6. owing someone something—means someone will always have my phone number and give me a ring—makes my cell phone bill worth it I guess.

7. not wearing socks. Ever.

8. that time of the month – jumping for joy aside, that time means “normal” and I like normal.

9. the way I smell after getting back from the gym. Okay…this is a stretch, but it does remind me that, hey, I MADE IT to the gym and it wasn’t a half-assed effort if I smell a certain way.

10. in the winter. When you can breath hot air on the glass. And then scribble a heart and your initials into the glass. Especially when little kids do that and they write things like “I love mommy”. Melts my heart.

11. off the cuff discourse—usually means you’re speaking from the heart and not trying to sugar coat it for me.

12. presumptions—they are short cuts. Well researched ones make sense. Boneheaded ones become assumptions and well…such is life.

13. water – with lots of lemon

14. a dishwasher full of warm, just cleaned dishes

15. my vanilla scented garbage bags

16. 2nd chances are generally easy to come by

17. surprise weekend getaways

18. lazy summer days…in February

19. telling it like it is

20. bag, borrow or steal. That place is off the HOOK!

21. Safeway. Yeah big brother is watching me and at first it creeped me out. But now I’m fascinated by the fact that they know I LOVE me some silk soymilk and can’t live without dried cranberries. Better yet? They put that junk on sale just for me. And deliver it to my home for free.

22. Reading from home on Fridays

23. “reality” tv…as opposed to “true” tv. Right.

24. Gas that costs more than $3 a gallon. Really makes me rethink my priorities (drive to work late…pay out the nose to park or get up earlier and ride the bus. Yeah…I still drive. And what??)

25. Gourmet bean soup – aka Seattle chili

26. Ginger Lime – where everybody knows my name. And…I’m starting to suspect, my credit card number as well

27. clean clothes in a freshly organized closet

28. improvising recipe ingredients—milk? I have some heavy cream…why don’t we just water that down?

29. Finding just one last non-serving of soy milk/juice/water left in the jug—makes me more aware of my serving sizes AND makes me happy that I got to have a bit more AND I get to make room for something fresh and new (ie, a new full carton of soy milk…yummy!)

30. halter tops—big B’s and all…

31. Jones Cream Soda…which reminds me, I need a bulk buy of that stuff for my wedding out of towner bags. Yeah right suckas.

32. that “look” of innocence “what you mean I did what??” I get glimpses of from time to time.

33. photoshop—or whatever photo manip you use. Make it perfect in your eyes…play around…be in your own reality. Do. Your. Thing.

34. knick knacks. Cause you just never know when that 37th pair of salt and pepper shakers is going to come in handy. God bless her soul…I miss my grandmama

35. catalogs. But only cool ones, with stuff I would buy if I had wads of cash to toss away. But instead, I dog ear the pages for a time that will never come when I’m going to really order some stuff. Really.

36. bill collectors who want to go toe to toe. If I owe ya, I’ll pay ya. Even pay ya interest for the pleasure of it. But when you try to roll me over, it’s on and I’m gonna get my money’s worth making sure you understand how “on” it is.

37. Comcast. But only when you’re about to cancel and all of a sudden, your bill is cut in half.

38. having a good job. And getting paid way too much to do it

39. sharpies. Need I really say more? Didn’t think so.

40. white calligraphy ink

41. nibs in a million different sizes (knowing how to use them…another story)

42. email. Especially when I get around to it

43. eyelets. Though my neighbors probably wish I had a silent setter after last night.

44. CNN

45. Barack Obama

46. free gym passes for me and my domestic partnas

47. blue sky days

48. global warming…almost 60 in Feb in Seattle…such a problem (that is a bit tongue in cheek…really)

49. being smart

50. being over-educated

51. green apples

52. French vanilla yogurt

53. accidentally molten chocolate cake with vanilla icing

54. Sagitarian good luck

55. saying yes and making someone else’s dreams come true

56. being happy

57. cold snaps in the middle of the summer that force you to crawl into bed and bundle up

58. Fr. Paul

59. kids being kids

60. asparagus

61. self-confident, but not cocky people

62. booty shakin’ beats

63. letting someone else go first

64. how it never rains in Southern California

65. how it actually rarely rains in Seattle (though the threat is ever present)

66. waking up feeling refreshed

67. dental floss

68. Blockbuster “reminder” phone calls

69. hardwood floors

70. beach sand in your packed shoes when you get back home from vacation

71. shared financial accounts

72. making lemonade out of lemons (literally and figuratively)

73. rockin’ the hell out of those heels even when your pinky toe is violently opposed to such foolishness

74. saying sorry and meaning it

75. politics

76. sexy boyfriends who become sexy fiancés before becoming sexy husbands

77. general craftiness

78. not giving a damn about “image”

79. blogging

80. myspace | facebook | linkedin (in that order of “growing up” for me)

81. mid major baseball teams…long as I’m not out back making cotton candy and all

82. Washington D.C. and the general area (historically speaking)

83. good red wine

84. round soup spoons

85. details

86. “good” photos

87. my mom (you can love her too…everyone does)

88. the Container Store…oh dear keep me away

89. reduce. reuse. recycle

90. Al Gore

91. clean windows to see through

92. Costco on free sample Sunday

93. bridal magazines

94. admitting a mistake

95. moving and being able to “shop” my long forgotten goods for stuff to keep and stuff to let others love instead

96. a good big purse

97. room service

98. McDonalds (I know I know…I’m a creature of habit…if I’m going to have crappy food, I want to know what to expect of that crappy food).

99. Dunkin Donuts (breakfast croissants in the airport…coffee, not so much…come on…I live in Seattle)

100. Microsoft Live Writer.

101. the internet


T said...

So I've found that World Market, you can get some Jones Soda there, o and Target started sellin it too. We like the green apple w/a bit of vodka for some yummy apple martinis.

I'm a fan of the 8th Continent Soymilk cause it's good AND you can recycle the container :)

*reyanna* said...

I have a 100 Things List too! This is just so cool. Loved getting to know more about you! :)