Friday, February 08, 2008

"O" my WOW~

I'm a geek. I'm super SUPER "innocent" and "sweet" (how he puts it) and a few things today just really confirmed that.

So, at first I was a bit upset when I arrived on colored people time to see the O man speak and the situation looked grim. Inspiring, but grim for my prospects of getting inside.

R had to park the heavy Chevy about 6 miles up the block and he finally caught up to me with the big glass. And of course we had to walk around. Now. It ain't no secret that I'm totally smitten about that cat. But everyday, in a totally new way. Case in point today.

You already know I love going to concerts with him because not only do we get rockstar parking (which is an everyday thing...even on MY campus!) but because we always get the best views too. And he's a great tall drink of water to lean up against so the no sitting thing isn't an issue. No matter, all that is from his past life in security.

From his natural abilities is the fact that he is SUPER observant. Remember the $100 bill? Right. So we walked around to the other side and he's like "there". see how they are moving the barricades. And all those suits? And that officer right there...see how he has rank? When they start talking and moving...he will come out and it will be here. Yeah right.

I'm already a bit t'd that I'm not inside, but I'm lovin'g the vibe of all the folks outside so I'm just rolling with it. Then HE shows up. Yes. Obama. Waaaaay on the other side...where I was before they put up the tape. I'm like "hot damn!". R is like "STAY PUT!" I'm all "but everyone is running over THERE! I'm commanded to stay put. mass exxodus "over there".

But O does a switchup and comes back around for a hot second, and I get just enough of a glimpse before I'm yanked off by the big guy dragging me over to the stairs. I kind of lost touch for a second and when I looked up, I was like, I need to get over there with the tall white guy. And when I got over there, and peeked around the corner and then stepped into the crowd...I was not but 3-4 feet away from Obama. Shaking hands with people. Taking pictures. After a quick little speech via bullhorn to the folks who couldn't get in.

I can't even describe the feeling that rushed over me. Not because of him--we already know he's my man. But because of the crowd--who was in it, who was crying, who was reaching out to touch that boy who got to touch that other boy who got to touch Obama. Wow.

To the point that even AFTER he spoke, I stood around like a groupie waiting to get a glimpse of his motorcade. Note to self...way too old for that shit. Note to self--good thing you DID leave and go all the way back home to "get some pipe" (okay...a fan...but because a certain someone makes visits to this here blog every now and again, we'll have to come up with a new fave phrase next time I see ya Liisa) and then drive all the way back out to the school cause on the way back, we saw the Motorcade barely making it through downtown. And I swear that wasn't a tear in my eye, it was just a raindrop. Yeah...cause it had started being Seattle all over again.

If tomorrow is anywhere NEAR like today was, I won't be able to hold it together.

On a more personal note, good thing Fr. Paul rescheduled. Had a really REALLY good hour with him tonight and totally get it. Actually, dare I say, am excited by it. Life is so good right now. And I still get to go and watch a movie tonight! Maybe Mr. Woodcock. Or one of the bazzillion other movies we have I was supposed to watch.

Did ya'll know we have a federal holiday coming up?
Guess I should get that on my calendar eh?

Signing off,
the way over the legal limit Obamaholic

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