Friday, February 15, 2008

Oh. My.

Kanye West is coming to Seattle!! did you HEAR me?! I said Kanye West is coming to Seattle!! Key Arena. And tickets go on sale tomorrow so I probably WON'T get a seat since I'm gonna act my class and go wine/chocolate tasting on Saturday. Then I'll act my hood on Sunday and get my man to find me some tickets on Craigslist and all will be good.

Last year, (so nostalgic) I went to some really REALLY good concerts. I can't wait till they announce who's going to do Bumbershoot this year. But back to Kanye. In April?? Really?

Thank you good people for getting me your mailing addys. 11 more addys to go. Got all my wineries lined up for tomorrow so I'll do you right and get some good eats and drinks set up for the shindig.

My heart goes out to the students at Northern Illinois. What is this world coming to?

Craziness on myspace. I found my long lost cousins most recently. I tell ya...that stuff is off the hook. I should search folks on facebook now too.

Going to go and try on some dresses now. Clean the house. Clean this crazy scrap room. I'm out!


T said...

I expect some good wine recommendations.

Shalay said...

Kanye? I am so jealous! I really hope you get some good seats. He really rocked at the Grammys on Sunday, I'm sure he puts on a good show!