Wednesday, February 06, 2008

So much to say... little time. So you know what that means:

* wow. WOW! I'm in a state that matters. I can't wait for Saturday.
* scrapbooking feels so good again
* he's all MINE this Friday (smile)
* Sunday house hunting and dare I say waterproof pants might be necessary for the afterparty?
* Back to the save the about a full Saturday
* And here's to finally finalizing the invites
* holding steady SUCKS! Especially when you're paying to "maintain"
* deadlines all around, this is what I like
* know you ain't right. But if I have to choose, I'd say I like this one:
(you is more traditional and all *smile*)


Liz Beth said...

ooohhh this I likey. very 1940's and love did I say LOVE the color. You could do a wider, or different color ribbon, if you wanted.

Liz Beth said...

so I saw somewhere that you were an ivy league girl, just like me (Princeton 2001). which school? Hope you don't think thats being too personal.