Monday, February 18, 2008

And I did...

get my taxes done (blech)
find a decent Seattle map
drop my ballot in the mail
eat more gourmet bean soup (aka, Seattle style chili)
print out invites
read files
meet again with Fr. Paul to knock out that letter
email the delegates and alternates
email Helen a word of gratitude
probably none of the above. But it was worth writing out to at least pretend that maybe...

I love functional graphic design. Everything from the fonts and colors to paper it. Got the final dummy of the invite done and since it will be a lovely major production effort, might as well detail the fruits of that labor of love. Pictures to come.

Pictures still forthcoming. Camera is downstairs after the non-domesticated among us (ahem) tried to bake a cake tonight.  That was comical to say the least.

But in the meantime, I need to figure out a way to get 50 folks 2.7 miles on the cheap. Without sticking them on a bus (as an infamous someone has suggested) and letting them fend for themselves.

Finally got another layer of wedding invite done.  They're coming along rather nicely.  REALLY labor intensive.  I could see why folks charge like $7 per set for wedding invites.  Heck, I'd pay someone $15 per set for these right about now just to have them done.  Really.


Gerald & Airika said...

Hey there! If you have an extra invite, we'd love to see one. :) Glad you're making progress! ~Airika

Gerald & Airika said...

oops...I just reread the "really labor intensive" part. How about a photograph instead? ;)