Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Did you know...

...that there are few things that make me happier than say for instance:

Go Fug Yourself. I'm not catty. not. at. all. I love this blog for the writing. Especially when they write things like THIS. Beyonce and Solange. That's funny beyond all belief!

Friday Night Lights. Everyone knows I love my little piece of home (more on that in a hot second). But the writing is fierce on that show. Acting...not so much. And yeah, we know that everytime we see a game, the team is going to win. But for some reason, between that and Family Guy re-runs, the theme of the night was "Jealous Husbands". Funny stuff. But back to Smash...and the WU coach who had been watching him since he was young. And the small town vibe of knowing everyone. And how most times, it is not a good idea to shoot off your mouth and commit to a place like TMU (which you knew was drama waiting to happen ANYHOW cause hello...your HS coach quit a gig there and you know you would have been ridin' the bench because of it anywho--like that Alex? I know you did...) and it is DEFINITELY not a good idea amid the tepid racial unity of your football team to take that to the streets and talk about that other kid deserving to be hit... oh yeah. This is not the 45 minute mark recap of the show. Remember those? Yeah. Right. So, I just love that show. Love the story lines. Mostly, cause it is my life I guess. Was. Although El Paso was what...50 times the size of Dillon. Wait...how many HS football teams did we have in town? Right.

Speaking of El Paso. Loving the El Paso Times right now. Because of THIS. Yeah and they know what is up. Did you know, that when I was growing up, we actually had the Times and the Herald Post? A morning paper and an evening paper. Being that I'm NOT a morning person, I was a fan of the Herald Post (which I believe was the evening paper, but I could be wrong). Now they just have the Times. And if I'm not mistaken, it is an interesting big print paper. Not like 3rd grade big print, but just big enough so that if you were to put it next to a normal paper with a lot of stories to cover, you'd notice the difference. It was to make it easier to read. Which, though I love lots of news, I gave them kudos for when they first did it.

It also makes me happy that along with the El Paso Times, the San Antonio Express, the Austin American Statesman, and the Dallas Morning News have all endorsed Obama. Good reading on why. Google that.

Only one thing making me sad today. The scheming of politics and all. So in WA, the primary doesn't count. And I've heard folks mouthing off about how it isn't fair and it isn't democrazy (see, I wrote it like that again...it will stay this time) to have folks caucus instead of go in a booth and be all private and secretive and stuff. I'm one of those activists. But rules are rules and so I went to the caucus. Got involved. Come to find out, some are trying to get folks to show up at the primary to vote instead. Which is all well and good. Cause it doesn't count right? who is to say though? Michigan and Florida "didn't count" and look how that is turning out? I'm just saying. Obama supporters--great that you handed the caucus to him on Saturday. Now counter the "show up to the primary for a different result" movement and make sure to mail in your absentee ballots or go to your polls to make sure that the same result happens at the polls. Just to make sure that we don't have a bunch of Monday morning quarterbacks trying to challenge the Dem party establishment rules after the fact.

I'm just saying. It's getting ugly. Grace is hard to come by.

This is getting wordy (again). This weekend, fun times ahead. More wine country touring and we're doing it "caution to the wind style". Just getting up and going. Made some reservations, but getting in the car Saturday morning and not coming back until Monday when we get to meet with Fr. Paul again. And FYI...church cashed the check. So save the dates will go out this weekend. Which also reminds me wedding blog in full function. Liisa, Rachel, Alex, Tara, I'll add your emails as readers today and shoot you an email with the link (it can also be found in my profile).

Anyone else who wants access, shoot me an email with your first and last name and email address. If you're on the invite list (138 strong...for a wedding with 50 guests...I sense drama), I'll automatically add you. If you're not, I'll still get you access, but there will be some fun and games to go with the dog and pony show. You'll love it. Promise!

Did you know that it is actually NOT raining in Seattle today? How you like them apples?


Lori said...

I love "go fug yourself too". I have to check it everyday!!

Have a great week!!

Lisa said...

LMAO! love that dialogue! and the pictures to go with it, priceless :)

Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

i love to read your blog....makes me feel at home.....makes me miss home!
i seriously do want to meet up next time I come to town...i think my folks live about 7 miles from you.
keep up the good informed writing!

Villager said...

My first time visiting your blog. I like the vibe ... and Friday Night Lights is one of my favorite television shows...

peace, Villager

Liz Beth said...

Been out of town for 4 days, took me almost an HOUR to read all your blog that I missed while I was gone. I was sort of bummed that #11 didn't make the cut. oh well.

I would love to be on your wedding list, if thats cool. LizBeth Brown

good stuff in the B tonight. The Beyonce was to die for.

Tomorrow I face the heathens... i mean the nice kids in my class.