Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dear Phil

You know...dude in Issaquah. Your right to vote is very important. So I picked up your absentee ballot that was laying neglected (albeit complete, sealed and all...but run over and ground into the street as though it didn't matter) and I mailed it for you. You're welcome. Just better not have been a vote for...

Oh. I mean. Democracy in action. Beauty contests and all.

66 happy applicants this week. Ya'll are welcome too.

One happy non-chocolate girl with a chocolate cake at home to devour. No...think about that. Think about the sugar rush from last night. Instead, I think I'll update the hideously behind wedding blog. Do a newsletter for work. Get stuff in the mail. Get in the mindset to pack. Cook a good meal. The normal stuff and all.

I got your back Phil. Back to CNN I go.

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