Sunday, February 03, 2008

So Far...

LOVED Both Pepsi commercials. Audi and Hybrid Yukon were cool. I always like the TMobile Charles B commercials. And I LOVED the Planters commercial...back to our regularly scheduled programming and thank GOODNESS it is not a blowout.

Go NY! Oh yeah...I really don't care who wins...

**UPDATE*** from the second half, what I remember...the Etrade commercials. The first one grossed me out at the end (you know my throw up issues!) but the second one with the "disturbing" clown lol...that was hillarious.

There was one more car commercial I liked and I liked the Bud commercials with the flyer (probably flying a bit too much) and...drawing a blank on his name...darn it. LOVED the Justin Timberlake commercial of course (smile).

And WHAT an end to that game. We could actually HEAR people screaming about it around us (we're in Seattle folks!) which was amazing because, we were all about the Tivo delay. I tell ya.

And (last thing, I promise) halftime turned out to be much better than I anticipated. Kudos there.

Didn't get to watch the puppy bowl this was kitty halftime when we started to watch. Contrary to popular belief, I'm not a kitty girl.

Talked to mom tonight and LOVE how excited she is about the election and Super Tuesday. To the point that she's likely going to take a vacation day on Tuesday so she can watch CNN. Those who know my mom know that that is HUGE. I love this feeling. And need to get up "early" to watch my news shows from the weekend. I missed Barack this morning and we tivo'd Hillary. But we had to watch Redneck wedding instead so...priorities. Although I must say this one was no where near as interesting.

Night...well...morning I guess.


Lily aka Khris said...

There were some good ones but I can't remember my favorite. Gotta take my B12, Bernadette!


Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

ahhhh....we had to watch the game from 11 pm until three in the morning and we didn't get any of the commercials (not something I would usually complain about :) )
but being in London and 8 hours ahead (and on digital cable that doesn't get American commercials) we had to go with out...Amazing game though!