Sunday, February 03, 2008

Super Sunday

...yesterday, I fell back to list status and copped out with a list of what my blog post could have been titled. I feel I owe it to all future generations of "Cuter than that kid on Friday Night Lights" to go ahead and elaborate on said list. And oh yeah...I kept coming back to it before posting trying to think of that one last title I wanted to add and it was such:

Oh no you didn't make my Smash Williams cry.

Without further ado (in all of like 11 minutes cause God is calling me home)...

He's the rockstar, I'm the groupie.

Found this little bit on Cafe CJ because just when you think you've exhausted the internet, there is more (smile).


If it looks, smells and feels like it, maybe it is not.

Not Quite Chicos

Case in point. I don' t know WHAT that tomato sauce recipe was for but it wasn't it. However, in the main recipe, it tells you how to make everything from the tacos (note to self, toothpicks are VERY necessary) to the Jalapeno sauce to the "red sauce". Red sauce looked right, smelt right, was the right consistency...but it wasn't right. There was no flavor to it. It was bland. It wasn't Chicos. That would NOT hold a true El Pasoan over until a next visit. Sigh.

This is just a hot ass mess

HAM Saturday

I have not done it in over a year.  But some things are second nature.  Almost.  I could have been more prepared and less stressed, but that would have meant less sleep was all about HAM Saturday.

Well, I guess you'll just have to figure out an alternative life plan for a year eh?

8:30...9 is even pushing it.  12:30.  Your senior year.  And trying to take the Sabbath Observer test instead?  Let me know how that works out for you.

You are so cute when you're jealous!

Especially when you're just too old for the dudes who are all "girl, I was going to tell you a little something something."  I never knew you had a jealous bone in ya but it was really kinda cute (smile)!

Twenty something was so fun...when are you buying a corvette?

You know...I don't even remember what it was that I was watching, but when I got to say I was 20 something, I just felt so young.  Now I'm thirty.  Not thirty something, but definitely not "young".  Not old, but not young.  I don't know why that just hit me yesterday.

Did she really say 189? But she meant 389 right?

This one is sad really.  And I don't want to talk about it much out of respect to future inlaws and all.  But there is a big difference between those two and neither one is on point.

100, 75...50...does it really matter??

I could have sworn proctors were paid like $90.  Yeah...that would be $75 according to their bubble sheets. Which is why I wouldn't let them have them (and the mutiny ensue) until AFTER they had worked the test for me.  It really wasn't intentional...not. at. all.

You know you're a crafter when your pearl tipped pins double as toothpicks

Remember Not Chicos Tacos?  You try rolling tacos and getting them to stay together without toothpicks which, when you're shopping at QFC are the equivalent of trying to find a needle in a haystack.  Or a jalapeno in the produce department.  I'm just saying.

Believe you and me both...a sister knows when we're out of Tobasco sauce

Mostly cause I'd be the last one to use a touch...on my chips, popcorn, breakfast cereal.  I could smell the last drop of that in our place and I had not smelled it in a long time.  Not one to say I told you so though...

I love that boy...and that one two...

My nephew is back to being Prince Happy Kid.  And my brother (who was my Quantae before there was a Q) and his tux and his idea that I hope actually goes down this time.  I'd be absolutely HONORED to have ya give me away (smile).  Love you both with all my heart...always both so willing to help someone else out in the midst of your own drama.

Yeah, you are going to need to get a hotel room

I'm just saying.  We have one spare bedroom.  You cain't all stay with me.  Info on the wedding blog (ahem!!) just sign up and it will all be there (confirmation codes and all) for your taking.

I don't know if it is YOUR walking distance, but it is my pre-Tibet walking distance

Did I mention Sushiland?  Stay a while, you'll love it and they will take care of you.  I promise!

Get a LIFE already and no, I don't mean you should gank mines.

All SWF up in this here thing. But yeah, yeah yeah...I'll do the shadow thing A, just hit me on the hotline and we'll work it out.

I used to demand the overthrow of the top 5% back in college...

back in my sociology classes.  Rage against power and corruption.  Then I graduated from an Ivy league school, met a Penn State MBA, woke up one morning and realized we're both paid way too much for what we do and hot damn if I wasn't that top 5% all of a sudden.  That threw me for a loop and so I had to sit in a dark corner and think of ways to purge the guilt.

Go Giants.  Or Pats.  Or...I really could give a rip who wins (yes, still bitter Cowboy fan AND what...and how is it that I was like the only person in the world that didn't see T.O. crying all up in his milk??).  But the guac is made, the ribs are on, salmon burgers...maybe.  Maybe not.  Time for commercials and Animal Planet's puppy bowl.  Are they doing that this year?

Peace be with you.

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