Tuesday, February 19, 2008

41 cents...comes in threes

So. Back in high school, I had an english teacher who convinced me that everything happens in threes.

Cuba. Pakistan. Kosovo. How you like them apples?

So I'm watching McCain's victory speech. Aside from Ms. Plastic pipin' in with someting she knew nothing about (it is a sad sad thing when your "smarts" are predicated on what someone else told you was smart...read the whole quote, THEN mouth off. And if you STILL want to mouth off, good on ya--I'd be proud of a country where I was the privileged few too...I like America now that I ain't gotta work the "night shift" anymore too..whoa! Where all that come from??). Sorry. But really. America is prosperous? Or are we really in a recession that we won't know about until after the fact (since, a recession ain't a recession until it's been a recession for two quarters straight...who's to say we're not at any given point in one of them there quarters?). Oh and yeah...McCain just brought up the smoke and mirrors and didn't cite Clinton. Oh wait...or did he say that first and she bit off him?

See. See what happens when I watch too much CNN on election night? I thought that McCain might be a viable option should the stuff get ugly on the Dem side. Scratch. that.

I'm so so SOOOO tired of politics as usual. So tired of it. And the thing that is the catch of it all? We ain't seen nothing yet. Nothing.

Phil. I forgot to mention. I put a stamp on your ballot. Then I almost got pulled over trying to get your ballot to the PO before 6 pm tonight. I love you too (smile).

McCain is proud of his privilege of being an American. That's nice. He's also about change AND experience. And we can (is that "yes we can", or just "we can"?), we must and we will. Okay. You do that. But I do love that you kept it classy and put it right on the forehead that you think Obama is the one this fall. Good on you. Elloquent, empty call for change eh? At least he called it elloquent. How gentlemanly of him. But still "Republicans are patriotic, you liberals are not." And the campaign of fear instead of hope. Right.

Done with the politics tonight. But I so know I shouldn't have had that slice of cake. But I did. Times two. And what?

Kinda how I didn't understand the whole bring your own wine thing, I still don't quite get how CNN is comfy in projecting Obama wins Wisconsin with less than 1% in. But hey, cause no one lies in exit polls. No one. At least I can go to bed early tonight.

Cynical much? Not at all (smile).

Much love...posting the invite dummies on the scrap blog since, well, they're scrappy.


T said...

From what I understand (at this point) is the healthcare $ would come from repealing tax cuts on those making more than $250,000.
Man has been doing research and says Hil and Obama's plans are pretty much the same as far as he can tell. The Republican "single-payer" thing scares the crap outta me.

Chelsea talked about education quite a bit, (no kidding since she was on a campus) Hil wants to increase pell grants and make sure that no one has to pay back on their loan more than 15% of their income after expenses.

Also talked about taxing the heck outta oil company profits and then using that to create jobs and update buildings and going green.

The No Child Left Behind seems totally retarded to me in a lotta ways. Ya, let's keep on testing them so that when they get to college they have no clue how to make decisions or think critically. NPR was sayin that some schools are re-thinking this whole testing thing since it uses up so much classroom time and such and now they are going to let some teachers go... that scares me too.

Tami said...

i didn't know you were into politics, you should come visit here in New Hampshire.........crazy town! for sure!