Thursday, February 14, 2008

It's a party!

Robert (x2)
Traci K
Gerald & Arika

ya'll have been sent invites to the wedding blog. Be easy on a sister. Not much up yet, but I'm getting there. There is hotel info for you out of towners. I think but not sure that I noted how we'll do that. Essentially, I've reserved 16 rooms in my name getin' ya great special Gold status deals. We'll work out payment or switching, but DON'T book a room at the hotel, just email me and let me know if you want one. Unfortunately, we ended up on a date when all hell is breaking lose in town so hotels were pricey. Or to me they were cause I never pay to stay in a hotel in this city. Go figure. If we have the mansion on the hill before then, then ya'll can all stay with me. As it is, if you want to sleep on the floor, we might be able to work out some payment arrangements for that inconvenience. I'm messin' with ya. Got some family folks staying over and first dibs for floor space will be for the almost local folks...I know doesn't seem fair. Except that those are the folks most likley to say "it's close enough, let's just drive home hammered" and NOT get a hotel if we don't ante up first. I know my peoples.

So from blue sky beautiful day yesterday to frosted roofs today. But don't let the blue fool you. It was colder than a MUG out there. I shiver thinking about it.

Had a good HOA meeting last night. I really like Charles. He is gung ho. James is cool peeps too. Can anyone say stripper hooks? Yeah. I went there. Mary is warming to me. I like her...chop shop and all.

This scrap room is a hot mess. Hot. Mess.

Woke up feelin' grown and sexy today. Maybe because it is valentine's day? Nah...I gotta call my moms and tell them happy Vday. But in the meantime, happy vday to all of ya'll. Still searching for the KI book pictures. Need a bit more organization to that eh? Just retake the pictures already. That was such a pain in the ass the first time around. Let me tell you.

More later!

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